Older Jobseeker Case Study: How I Changed My CV to Get a Job

Tom Byrant, aged 52, was a jobseeker that we assisted at our annual Jobs Roadshow. Tom had been unemployed for six months and came to our pop up CV clinic to see if we could help him improve his CV.

Find out what happened, and what advice Tom gives to other older jobseekers that are struggling to find work. 

What advice did Fish4jobs give you about your CV?

After reviewing my CV, they told me it was too factual, just listing out dates and employment history. They advised me to focus on my achievements and demonstrate examples or projects where I had delivered great results. They also advised me on layout and presentation.

What happened after your CV review?

After the roadshow, I improved the layout of my CV and added a number of key achievements, results and specific project details. Within a few weeks, I was invited to two interviews on the same day and was offered both positions, one of which I accepted. I am now the European Purchasing Manager in a Chemical Industry company, a fantastic role that I continue to thrive in.

What challenges do you feel older jobseekers face and how can they overcome these?

Initially, I thought the experience I had to offer would mean I would have no problem finding a suitable position. The longer I was out of work, the more I tended to lower my expectations. This it turns out is not such a good idea, as employers seem to think you will leave for the first “good” job that comes along. I think one has to maintain your level of expectation. With good presentation and persistence, the right position will eventually present itself.

Any advice you have for older jobseekers?

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. If you submit your CV but don’t get the job, ask for feedback. Ask to see other examples of CVs or ask about interview technique. Listen to the advice, then make any changes you feel necessary. Obviously go to Fish4jobs.co.uk and see the advice they offer on CVs and interviews and get applying to jobs!


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