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Kurt Geiger’s Store Manager in Canary Wharf began his career in retail straight out of school with a job at Tesco. 14 years of varied retail management roles later he still loves his job. His passion is evident as he tells Fish4jobs why retail is the only career for him…

  • What made you decide to pursue a career in retail?

It’s just something that I was good at. I’ve always been a people person; I enjoy meeting new people and helping them.

  • Where and how did you begin your career in retail?

When I left school and I didn’t really want go away and study so I looked at sectors to get into and I was always interested in retail. I applied for a job at Tesco and realised I enjoyed the people aspect. My next job was at an assistant management level so it was more interesting, more fun and I learnt new skills. It was more commitment and responsibility but that’s what I enjoyed about it. That’s when I realised that this is where my skills lie so that’s why I have stayed in retail.

  • What questions were you asked for this job?

I was asked ‘what motivates me’, and what experience I’d had in similar roles and how I motivate a team. I was also asked what sort of turnover I’d managed before.

  • So what does motivate you?

To be honest it’s really job satisfaction. I’ve got to be in love with the brand then it’s an easy job. If people can see that you are passionate about the brand then they tend to get a bit passionate about it themselves. It’s an infectious thing.

  • How long did you work as a sales assistant before becoming a manager? 

Not long. I worked for about a year and a half as a sales assistant in Tesco and then I was lucky to get a break as an assistant manager with an independent retailer. I learnt the skills needed to be a manager through that and then I was able to get managerial roles. I’ve been up and down the ladder though, because I’ve done all sorts of different things and took a break to study.

  • What sort of retail outlets have you worked in?

Mostly clothing and fashion but I’ve done also done gifts, music and entertainment, accessories and footwear.

  • Is there a tough part about working in retail?

Yes. It’s when people aren’t happy or when people are rude but it’s part and parcel of the role.

  • Do you enjoy working in retail?

I certainly do, and meeting new people and offering my help is what I enjoy most.

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