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How To Handle A Group Interview

Group interview. The phrase that can strike horror into the heart of any candidate. It’s hard to imagine a situation in which you must sell yourself and prove your worth whilst also coming across likable and demonstrating that you can work well with others. A one-to-one interview usually focuses primarily on YOU. Your experiences, work history, education and skills. Whereas […]

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How To Calm Your Pre-Interview Nerves

Interviews can be a real cause of nerves for many applicants. While a few butterflies in the stomach can be good for adrenaline and to keep you motivated throughout the interview, too many nerves can be overwhelming and stop you from performing the way you’d like to. Here are 3¬†ways to calm your pre-interview nerves: 1. Prepare well The easiest […]

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What To Do If You’re Late For An Interview

Being late for an interview is one of life’s nightmare situations. Of course, the first way to avoid having to deal with this situation is to not be late in the first place, but sometimes, life gets in the way. Maybe you overslept, had commuting troubles or just couldn’t find the place, being late is sometimes unavoidable. However, we all […]

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How To Cancel A Job Interview

Although it’s likely that you worked hard to get to the interview stage, sometimes you have to cancel. Whether you’ve found another position, you’ve fallen ill, or you just don’t think it’s a good fit for you, sometimes you need to cancel your job interview. This can be a delicate situation to handle, so here are our top tips: 1. […]

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