Dramatic increases in the number of healthcare jobs across a number of major UK cities

Fish4jobs have conducted a study into which UK cities have seen the biggest rise in available jobs in the healthcare sector, compared to this time last year. The study reveals that Edinburgh has seen the sharpest rise in the number of available healthcare jobs year on year with a 40.08% YOY increase.

For the same period, Cambridge saw a 24.73% increase while Southampton experienced a rise of 22.28% in available healthcare jobs. Aberdeen and Manchester were also among the cities worst affected, with 19.49% and 8.27% increases in the number of unfilled healthcare vacancies, respectively.

Job satisfaction within the sector is at an all time low. 12-hour shifts and growing frustrations over the public sector pay cap are forcing nurses to leave the profession. What’s more, the public sector is also expected to be severely impacted by the risk of a drop in EU labour in the coming years. According to The Guardian, “43% of education and 49% of healthcare sector employers surveyed in the Labour Market Outlook” said that they “believed EU migrants among their workforce were considering leaving”. This has led to a skills shortage in the UK meaning vacancies for jobs in healthcare are lying unfilled for months.

Moreover, a 96% drop in the number of EU nurses registering to work in the UK as uncertainty surrounding foreign nationals from EU member states working here continues to grow. Health services depend heavily on workers from outside the UK and Helen McKenna, senior policy adviser at the King’s Fund thinktank, believes it to be imperative that the government “urgently [clarifies] its position on the status of nationals who are already here in the UK working in health and social care roles”.

At the other end of the scale, Watford and Leicester have experienced a drop in the number for healthcare jobs advertised with YOY decreases of 22.77% and 12.55% respectively. This helps to explain an overall decrease of 2.04% in healthcare vacancies across the top 50 UK cities, suggesting it’s not all bad news for the sector as a whole.

This latest job market data is sourced from Job Market Insights – which has an 85% representation of the UK job market.

City YOY % Change in Healthcare Jobs
Edinburgh 40.08%
Cambridge 24.73%
Southampton 22.28%
Aberdeen 19.49%
Manchester 8.27%
Cardiff 8.02%
Liverpool 1.24%
Exeter 0.57%
Glasgow -0.38%
Oxford -1.70%
Birmingham -3.15%
Sheffield -4.47%
London -5.37%
Bristol -8.17%
Leeds -8.67%
Brighton -11.93%
Nottingham -12.31%
Leicester -12.55%
Watford -22.77%