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The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Christmas Job

Love it or loathe it, that time of the year is creeping up again. If you want to get some extra income for the festive season, now is the time to start applying for Christmas jobs. It’s never too early to apply Most businesses hire their Christmas staff throughout September and October. Try to do your research on which companies […]

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What the Nation Thinks about Relocation

To relocate or not to relocate? That is the question that may have crossed your mind when you’ve found the perfect opportunity, the salary and benefits that you’ve always wanted, an-…oh it’s not in your area. According to YouGov, attitudes to relocating for work in the UK show that people would be happy to move to areas not too far […]

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4 Hobbies and Interests Employers Like to See on a CV

Racking your brains on what to put down for you hobbies and interests on your CV – or debating whether to include them at all? There’s no right or wrong answer, but it can make the difference between being just another name on a CV to an interesting multi-dimensional person. Don’t include hobbies and interests… If your hobbies don’t add […]

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Miserable at work? Our new research reveals why

We surveyed over 2,000 employees to understand why people are miserable at work, what makes them stay and if there are variations across professions and cities. Our research reveals that, on average, people who have spent two years at their workplace have spent 1722 long hours dissatisfied in their role. This is equivalent to almost 72 days! On top of […]

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