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How To Become An Engineer


Careers in engineering explained: Engineers apply the standards of science and arithmetic to create answers for specialised or technical issues. Their work is the connection between logical discoveries and the business applications that meet societal and buyer needs. An engineer has the ability to apply their scientific knowledge in order to solve different problems. For example, designing structures and tools […]

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Scottish Apprenticeship Show: Meet Erin

The Scottish Apprenticeship Show is just around the corner, ready to provide you with everything you need to know about becoming an apprentice. An apprenticeship is a unique opportunity to earn whilst you learn key skills, and kick start your career. Erin De Groome from Edinburgh has found an apprenticeship inspired by many childhood visits to Rosslyn Chapel. After considering […]

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How To Become A Marketing Manager

What is a Marketing Manager? A Marketing Manager is the person responsible for the marketing of a service or product. Marketing Managers organise and execute the promotion of a product/service and oversee all marketing activities. A Marketing Manager is typically the lead of the Marketing Team and often has final say over decisions. Entry Requirements: Although there are no set […]

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‘Now I’m motoring thanks to new graduate recruitment scheme’

Kayleigh Keith is a graduate who has begun a journey to the top of the car retailing industry through a new assessment and recruitment programme devised by Eastern Western Motor Group. The programme was designed specifically for talented and ambitious young graduates with great communication skills and business acumen, rather than an automotive industry background. The graduates have now taken up positions across […]

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