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So You Want To Be A Nurse?

Do you dream of pursuing a career in Nursing? Want to know more about what a Nursing career entails? Take a look at our short video bursting with information: Still interested? Fish4jobs currently have over 2500 Nursing positions live on site. Take a look for yourself and apply here. You can filter your results based on location, salary band, contract […]

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Briefcases At Dawn: 5 Tips For Solving A Workplace Conflict

It’s inevitable that, at some point in your career, you’ll encounter a workplace conflict. Whether it’s yourself, a colleague or an underling, arguments in the office are a common enough and – if handled poorly – destructive influence. Here are five things to think about if you find yourself in tricky territory. 1) Is this worth resolving? While it can feel […]

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How To Reject A Job Offer

Sometimes, a position just isn’t right for you. Maybe you realised at the interview that the work-place culture doesn’t align with your expectations. Maybe the salary doesn’t meet your asking (and negotiations are impossible). Or maybe the location is too hard for you to commute every day. Whatever your reasons, sometimes you may need to reject a job offer. This […]

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