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How to Improve Your Job Hunt

Job hunting is a frustrating and stressful time for anyone. You’re spending your life juggling various applications, phone calls and interviews, and constantly checking emails for any updates. If you’re not having the success you’d like with your job hunt, then it’s probably time to brush up your act and try some new tactics. Find out where your job search […]

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How To Handle A Job Rejection

Whether it’s a personal or professional, most people will struggle to handle rejection. Being rejected after an interview for your dream job can often feel like a major set back. Read on to find out how to pick yourself up, and get back in the job hunting game after a job rejection.   Don’t take it personally It can feel […]

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4 Things That Make You More Employable In 2017

If you’re feeling like your CV is a bit average, and your work experience is okay but nothing special, you can hardly expect employers to get excited over it. To make you more employable, and more impressive as a candidate, you need the kind of skills and background that’s attracting managers right now. Travel Experience Cosmopolitan has recently published details […]

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