The 8 Most Epic Job Quitting Movie Scenes

Once in a while, everyone gets that creeping urge to quit their job. Even if you absolutely love your current job, (and we hope you do!), everyone falls victim to that ‘quitting fantasy’ every so often. Big dramatic exit, quick two-fingers to the boss and you’re on your way to freedom…  Here are 8 of the most epic job quitting scenes from movies. (Warning: spoilers!)


1. Fight Club


In a brilliantly twisted sequence entitled ‘Jack’s Smirking Revenge,’ Edward Norton’s narrator character delivers the most dramatic of all job quitting movie scenes. Having been repressed by his boss and inspired by his reckless new lifestyle, the film’s narrator attempts to blackmail his boss resulting in him quickly being fired. In response, The Narrator begins to violently punch himself whilst begging his boss to stop. I told you it was twisted! The end result? The Narrator gets to keep his paychecks and has successfully intimidated (or more accurately absolutely terrified) his boss and brought him into disrepute.


2. Bridget Jones


What’s worse than finding out that your sleazy, smug boyfriend is cheating on you? If your sleazy, smug boyfriend is also your boss! Ouch. The only thing a girl can do is quit her mindless job in front of the entire office in a way that is just gloriously humiliating for her boss/ex-boyfriend. (Especially if she’s been offered a truly amazing position elsewhere, you go Bridg!) In fact, Bridget goes as far as to say that if staying in her job means working under Daniel Cleaver, then she’d ‘rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein’s…’ well you get the idea!


3. American Beauty


As part of his midlife crisis, burst of new life or whatever you want to call it, Lester Burnham calmly but firmly blackmails his boss. The scene opens with Lester’s boss reading out a very graphic review written by Lester in which he explains that his job ‘so closely resembles Hell.’ Lester then goes onto blackmail his boss into one year’s salary with benefits by suggesting that he will reveal company secrets if he is refused. A lot less twisted than Fight Club’s boss blackmail scene but definitely just as satisfying! Now how do we discover our companies’ secrets?!


4. The Devil Wears Prada


In perhaps the most uplifting job quitting movie scene out there, undervalued and overworked Andy throws her mobile phone into a fountain in Paris. Throughout the film, we see sweet Andy pushed to her limits by her tyrannical boss and ever-ringing mobile phone. By throwing the phone into the fountain it seems Andy is signalling her independence from said tyrannical boss, (played wonderfully by Meryl Streep), and does so in the most cheerful way. Sometimes it’s important to put yourself first and the entire audience had been waiting for this moment!


5. Office Space


Working as a waitress in a restaurant that encourages her to have ‘flair,’ it seems that Joanna (played by Jennifer Aniston) has finally had enough. When asked by her boss where her ‘flair’ is, Joanna shows him her middle finger and says ‘there’s my flair!’ The scene ends with Joanna telling her boss that ‘I hate this job and I don’t need it!’ Wow. Publicly humiliating your boss in front of his own costumers… now that’s bold way to go!


6. Wanted


After learning that he is the son of a professional assassin, (everyday stuff we know!), it seems that Wesley can take his nasty boss no longer. In an extremely personal attack on her management style, Wesley, (played by James McAvoy), screams at his boss in front of the entire office before hitting his traitorous frienemy with a keyboard and then storming out of the building.


7. 500 Days of Summer


Although for some being faced with two greeting card designs featuring adorable cats might seem like the dream job, it seems that Tom just wasn’t in the mood to deal with photos of Pickles. Having recently been dumped by the girl he’s been infatuated with for months, Tom  (Joseph Gordan-Levitt) takes out his frustrations at work. He claims that the Greeting Card industry is responsible for humanity’s inability to express how they really feel… he seem to have tapped into some deeper issues here! Tom leaves the office half uplifted and half depressed, but isn’t that the tone of the entire movie anyway?


8. Jerry Maguire


In perhaps the least humble and most erratic exit ever, Jerry Maguire (played by Tom Cruise) declares that he practically built the company before scooping the fish out of their tank and urging other’s to leave with him. Unfortunately, it seems that his boss just doesn’t care at all as he smiles and waves to Jerry on his way out but hey – at least he manages to inspire Dorothy Boyd (played by Renee Zellweger) to quit alongside him!



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Annabel Usher, Editor