The 5 Types Of Horrible Bosses And How To Handle Them

The Relationships with the chief can be testing, especially if your boss makes you call them ‘the chief.’ Here are 5 types of horrible bosses and how to handle them… like a boss!

1. The Passive Aggressive Boss

This boss is perhaps the most frightening of the lot. Although she/he doesn’t shout at you, their style of discipline is far more creepy. They’ll ask you why you’ve fallen behind target with a smile on their face. They’ll greet you with a cheery ‘good afternoon’ when you walk in at 9:05. Although their plastic smile never seems to falter you can see the anger behind their stiff eyes. Our advice on handling this beastly boss would be to stay on their good side. Make sure you have done all they’ve asked of you and don’t give them a reason to get mad at you. One day that pent-up rage volcano has to explode and you don’t want to be on the end of all that lava.


2. The ‘Friend’ Boss

An extremely confusing breed of boss is the Friend Boss. This boss acts like a friend: Joking with you, going for drinks with you, joining in on the office gossip. But then suddenly, they’ve turned on Boss mode. ‘Where are those results I asked for last week?!’ or ‘I really don’t think it’s appropriate for you to get drunk on a work night.’ (Regardless of the fact it was THEM you were getting drunk with!) A tricky boss to deal with. On the one hand you enjoy their friendship. On the other you can’t seem to get the balance right. Our only advice would be to treat them as a friend outside of work, but a boss at work. Don’t be over familiar in the work place if it isn’t appropriate – save the banter for the weekends!


3. The Overbearing Boss

Do you enjoy the feeling of someone breathing down your neck? No? Then it’s likely that you wont quite gel with this type of boss. They will constantly be checking up on you asking what you’re doing and when. You’ll always have that unnerving feeling that someone might be watching you because with this boss they probably are! To get them to back off a bit you’re going to need to show them that you’re trustworthy and that you’re good at your job. Sadly, this will mostly come with time and the longer you’re employed there the more trusting this boss should become. For now, just be extra careful not to get caught strolling through Facebook!


4. The Boss that isn’t your Boss but acts like your Boss

Did you follow that? This person is NOT your boss. They know full well they are not your boss, you know full well they are not your boss, even your boss knows full well they are not your boss. Despite this, they continue to act like your boss. Delegating tasks to you, lending ‘helpful tips’ on how you could improve your work. They sure know how to put the ‘boss’ in bossy! Our advice? Stay calm. However frustrating this non-boss might be it’s important to rise above. Secondly, you could gently explain to the non-boss that although you appreciate that they’re trying to help, you are actually getting along fine on your own. Always remain polite and calm… and try not to punch them in the face!


5. The Comedian Boss


This boss has all the jokes. Funny jokes, unfunny jokes, inappropriate jokes you name it! Whilst many of the Comedian Boss’ jokes are not funny, you, of course, are obliged to laugh. Your cheeks are tired from holding that forced smile and you’ve perfected your hahaagivemearaisehaha chuckle. You have two choices: 1) Just stop laughing one day and hit the Comedian Boss with one of those awkward pursed lip smiles. 2) Just keep laughing. We think we know which option you’re going to choose!



Annabel Usher, Editor