5 Things You Should Never Wear To A Job Interview

We’ve already told you about what you should wear to an interview, but what about the things you should never wear? There are certain outfits that just won’t fly with employers, here’s what to avoid:

1. Trainers

Trainers are a huge no when it comes to interview attire. Even if you’re interviewing at a casual, young company it is best not to risk it.

2. Hats

Hats can be a little much and often are very casual accessories. Unless you are wearing a hat for religious reasons, it’s probably a good idea to leave your fedora at home.

3. Sportswear

Sportswear is far too casual to wear to an interview, unless of course you’re interviewing to be a PE teacher!

4. Brands

You might be impressed by your Reebok classic footwear or DKNY sweatshirt, but your interviewer will not be.  Obviously, a small logo on the front of a shirt is fine, but try to stick to plain, smart clothing and avoid wearing flashy brands.

5. Too many accessories

A small necklace can add a sophisticated look to a formal outfit, but try not to overload on the bling. Wearing too much jewelry or other accessories can be distracting and look a little tacky.


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