5 Jobs With Amazing Perks

If you have to work, which must of us unfortunately do, why not work somewhere that gives you fantastic perks (as well as a good salary of course!) Here are some jobs available to you right now with great perks…

1. Nando’s


With 50% staff discount AND a free meal for every day you work, Nando’s definitely knows how to dish out some cheeky incentives. Apply now.

2. Aldi


As well as offering graduate managers a £42,000.00 starting salary, the supermarket giant also rewards new graduate managers with a brand new Audi car. Have a look for yourself.

3. JD Wetherspoons


JD Wetherspoons is a quintessential British pub chain and loved by many across the UK. Wetherspoons are also giving their employees a reason to love them with a 70% staff discount on food while they work and a 33% discount when they’re off duty at any branch nationwide. Kitchen and bar staff positions available here.

4. Food and drink tasters

Getting paid £8.50 an hour to taste test new food and drink is pretty amazing. In this case the perk is the job itself! Applications accepted until 24th March.

5. Work from home

For some, working from home is the stuff of dreams. For others, it’s a daily reality. Being able to work from home full or part time is a huge perk offered by some companies. Fish4jobs have over 200 work from home positions available on site.


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