4 Hobbies and Interests That Employers Like To See On A CV

It’s a much disputed topic whether or not to include a ‘hobbies and interests’ section on your CV. Many say that this section is futile and it’s better to keep a CV concise, focusing only on your relevant experience and education history. Others suggest that a short ‘hobbies and interests’ section can add value, giving the employer an insight into you as a person and opening up the possibility of mutual interests. If you do chose to include interests and hobbies on your CV, make them work for you! Writing that you enjoy ‘lounging on the sofa binge-watching Netflix,’ might be your most truthful hobby, but it definitely isn’t the most impressive. Here are some interests and hobbies that can add serious value to your CV:

1. Performing arts

Including an interest in the performing arts, in particular drama or theatre, suggests to the employer that you are a confident person who thrives in public speaking. These attributes in an employee can be very beneficial to many companies and can add some credibility to you as a candidate.

2. Sports

There’s a definite difference between writing that you ‘enjoy a kick around in the park,’ and saying that you’re part of a local sports team, or perhaps that you played during university. Being part of a sports team shows commitment, focus and the ability to multi-task, all of which are key qualities many businesses look for in candidates. If you’ve been team captain or taken an active role in the organisation then include that in your CV as well as it is even more impressive!

3. A relevant interest/hobby

This sounds like fairly basic advice but it can be very fruitful for your applications. You already know that you have to cater your CV and Cover Letter to the different roles you apply for, well the same is true for your hobbies and interests section. If you are applying for a role in the culinary sector, including your passion for food and your weekly cooking course is going to be more impressive than your love of animals. There are many sector/role relevant hobbies and interests you can include on your CV to demonstrate to the employer that you are really passionate and committed to this position.

4. Volunteering

Aside from sports/recreational activities, including your volunteering experience on your CV can be beneficial. In particular, if you are applying for charities or non-profit organisations. It’s not just non-profit businesses who will appreciate your volunteering history however, showing that you give something back to the community/planet demonstrates to the employer that you are a rounded person and an asset to the company.