12 Times Job Hunting Makes You Feel Like Sherlock Holmes

Sometimes it seems that you need to be a world-famous detective, (or high functioning sociopath), to understand the mysteries of job hunting. With the start of series 4 and our screens graced once more with Benedict Cumberbatch, it’s time to explore the ways that hunting for your perfect job can make you feel like Sherlock himself…


1. When you decide that you need a change in career.

2. Or when you unexpectedly find yourself unemployed…

3. So your parents, friends, neighbours and general acquaintances offer you their unwanted advice on what you should be doing with your life.

4. But then you spot your ideal job listed on a fantastic job board,(obviously it’s Fish4jobs!)

5. So you take the plunge and apply for the position.

6. But then you realise that your CV and Cover Letter need some serious work…

7. But you still manage to get an interview so you have to work on your winning smile.

8. When you’re madly trying to work out what ‘competitive salary’ actually means… competitive against who?!

9. After the interview and you’re constantly being asked ‘have you heard back yet?!’

10. But then finally you do and they’ve offered you the job!

11. And then suddenly it all seems worth it!

12. Until you realise that you have to start waking up early everyday and actually… going to work. But hey – congratulations!

Take the confusion out of your job hunt with Fish4jobs. You don’t need to be a detective to find your ideal career!


Feature Image: [flickr: Peter Pham


Annabel Usher, Editor