#WorkCrushWednesday: Elon Musk


Elon Musk
Any self-confessed entrepreneur knows that finding one successful venture is hard enough as it is… let alone multiple! But for Elon Musk (no – that’s not a perfume) he makes this look like an extremely easy task. The South African born, Canadian-American entrepreneur has founded and co-founded some of the biggest names in the automotive and IT industries, including PayPal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX.

So how does one find themselves at the forefront of these most lucrative industries, in addition to being one of the most successful engineers of the 21st century? As is often the case, Elon got started at an early age. Having first discovered his love of engineering in his early adolescence, he went on to teach himself computer programming, and even went so far as to create and sell video games (in order to buy even more video games)… an early sign of his entrepreneurial spirit!

Some years later, he left behind his South African roots to pursue his aspirations in the great white north. Once there, he started his Bachelor’s degree and half-way through the program transferred to the states, where he started his PHD at Stanford…. only to walk out two days later (in typical nonconformist fashion). It seems this had less to do with attending insanely boring lectures, and more to do with his realisation that he wanted to focus on his passions – that of the internet, renewable energy, and outer space (a geek’s trifecta).

We can say with confidence that this was a great idea; shortly afterwards he founded and sold a software company for hundreds of millions, which soon led to even bigger acquisitions, like Paypal and later SpaceX.

But Elon’s not just cool because he was a multimillionaire by his late twenties. Besides his more notable accomplishments, he’s constantly involved in projects that focus on science education, health, and green energy. His work on conservation and his promotion of renewable-energy technologies is not only admirable but novel, as all too often corporate heads contribute to the problem, as opposed to working to rectify it.

Finally, Musk claims that he has most of his best ideas during long showers. If only most people’s shower thoughts were so profitable!

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