Transferable Skills: How to Secure a New Job

Written by: Evie Courtier
Published on: 13 Oct 2022

F4 ImageTransferable skills offer you the winning ticket to securing a new job. So let us provide an overview of the key transferable skills employers look for, and the best ways to help you get started on your job hunt. 

What are Transferable Skills?

There are two types of skills you can put on your CV: hard skills, incorporating the technicalities and specifics for your desired job, and soft skills, also known as transferable. 

These transferable skills transcend a variety of different job roles, across many industries. If you’re looking to change from the world of retails jobs to a job in administration, for example, then it’s safe to say that you’ll hold the transferable skills from retail to help you get your foot in the door.  

So, What Kind of Transferable Skills should you Showcase on your CV?  

There are certain buzzwords that stand out to employers; communication, teamwork, time management and supervision. Put simply, these are the factors that enable you to excel at your job, so you’ll need to demonstrate your ability within each of them.


Communication comes in many shapes and forms, from verbal communication to written, listening skills, and technological communication. If you’ve worked in retail, then you will have the natural ability to talk to customers; dealing with a stream of demanding customers shows an ability to work well under pressure, communicate with the wider public, boost team morale, and advocate your company’s image. 

If you’ve drafted emails, written correspondence for branding purposes and created an impression behind a screen, then you’ve conducted crucial forms of written communication.  

Listening skills? It’s self-explanatory! Listening to your customers' needs and wants shows an ability to understand another’s point of view.  


Without teamwork, many businesses would cease to exist. Being a team player starts from the bottom up, conducting tasks which are necessary to the success of the team, allowing the business to run on oiled wheels.  

Working as a part of a team on the shop floor exhibits your skills in customer service and ability to see the bigger picture. Conducting tasks like tidying shelves aids the shop's image, allowing profit targets to be reached.  

Taking these teamwork skills into the administrative world will not only aid your ability to help customers’ needs but to also merge nicely into the existing team.  

Time Management:

Time Management is a skill that will take you from job to job. Always arriving early for work, managing tasks to deadlines, and being able to prioritise your schedule for the day, are all vital elements in the successful running of a business. Working in retail effortlessly builds your time skills, from learning how to delegate your duties around people’s shopping habits, to responding efficiently to customer needs.  

People Management:

Supervision is a transferable skill, which incorporates all the above-mentioned expertise.  

Being a supervisor requires others to bounce off your energy, be inspired by your actions, and feel a desire to learn, grow and achieve more. People Management requires you to hold responsibility, combining your teamwork skills to create a cohesive working environment. Finally, it requires your art of communication, to motivate your team, self and others.  

If you’ve ever led your retail team, then mention it! Supervision isn’t just about being a manager, it’s about demonstrating your want to strive for more.  


Transferable skills are the foundation for professional success. Take time to think outside the box, and you’re guaranteed to thrive.  

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