The 2022 Fish4jobs Survey: Help Us Get to Know You

Written by: Joshua Boynton
Published on: 26 Jan 2022

F4 Salary Survey Help us Get to Know You

At Fish4jobs, we’re committed to helping people find jobs in their local area. Despite the difficulties the UK has experienced because of the pandemic, we have continued to succeed in helping candidates find roles.

As one of the UK’s leading job sites, we’re always looking to find out more about job seekers, their interests, and what we can do to make the application process more accessible and stress-free.

To make this possible, we need your help.

In our Survey, we will look at how jobs have changed over the past year, whether salaries have improved, and for other ways to deliver content that is relevant to you.

We are seeking answers from people who work in education, construction, transportation, manufacturing, retail, and hospitality sectors, among others. Using your invaluable contributions, we can deliver some amazing insights into the UK job market in 2021.

This survey will also give you the chance to benchmark your salary against industry-wide average salaries. This can be a useful tool for negotiating pay rises, whichever industry you work in.

Contribute to the Fish4jobs Audience Insight Report by clicking here.

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