Teaching Personal Statement


Are you applying for your dream teaching role but you’re not sure what to write in your personal statement? Here is our expert advice on what to include and how to present your knowledge, skills and experience in the best way. The key to a successful teaching personal statement is for it to portray how and why you teach, and who you are as an individual.

Personal statements give applicants the chance to shine. We recommend using this short space to show off your strengths, achievements and share your career aspirations. Use this 100-150 words to provide evidence of how you match the job specifications, and how much you would love this teaching role.

Alternatively, you can check out our generic personal statement guide.


What to include in your teacher personal statement

Why you’re applying for the role

  • Refer to any knowledge you have of the school and the role at hand, including any research you have done on the school, or any visits specifically.
  • Include reference to what appealed to you about this school and position.


Provide details about your education/course

  • Provide information on your previous education (School/University/Courses)
  • Reference any relevant courses or qualifications you have completed.
  • If you completed a PGCE course, mention your degree and dissertation, if appropriate, along with any classroom-based projects and modules.


Your teaching experience

  • Highlight the year groups you have taught in the past.
  • Mention the range of subjects you have covered.
  • Point out any use of specific teaching strategies that you have used.


Provide details on classroom management

  • Lesson planning and delivery tactics.
  • Provide any details, if applicable, of experience working with teaching assistants.
  • Mention how you handled classrooms and behavioural issues.


Short Example

A kind hearted, friendly, professional and highly trained teacher. I am extremely passionate about teaching, I find the position personally satisfying and beneficial to the students I work with. I am a great communicator and listener, and have the ability to understand a student’s needs. I love creating lesson plans, organising work flow and interacting with the students. Education is a passion of mine and creating a safe, friendly and productive environment for my students to learn is a top priority. I’ve worked as a teacher for several years across a range of subjects, with my experience and set of skills I feel that I would make a great asset to your team.


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