Teacher CV Template

Published on: 26 Jan 2015

How to become a primary school teacher

At Fish4jobs, we have created this Teacher CV template to help you get started with your job applications for teaching roles.

We provide step-by-step expert advice and guidance, in order to give you an idea of how you should present and format your relevant skills and experience when applying for a teaching position. In order to make your teaching CV stand out from the crowd, ensure that you tailor your application to the role that you’re applying for.

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As a teacher, you’ll benefit not only from job satisfaction but also a competitive starting salary, holidays and promotions. For newly qualified teachers the starting salary is approximately £22,000 – £30,000. The day to day responsibilities of a teacher can range from lesson preparation and delivery, assessing and marking work, to researching new topic areas, managing behaviour and preparing pupils for examinations.

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We’ve created this teaching CV template to help you increase your chances of success, and to help you land your dream teaching job.

Teacher CV Template


Full Name
Current Permanent Address
Mobile number, Landline number
Email address

Personal Statement or Career Summary

Your personality, individual teaching philosophy and enthusiasm for your career should clearly come across in your CV. Include approximately 3-5 lines about yourself and your career to date. 

Specialist Teaching Levels and Skills

e.g. KS3 – A Level History, Geography

Years Experience

e.g. Two Years’ Experience or Newly Qualified

Teaching Experience

Dates of Current Employment

e.g. January 2005-December 2008

Name of Employer and Location

e.g. Hampton Secondary College, Hampton, United Kingdom

Position/s of Responsibility and Year Levels/Subjects

e.g. Head of Department – Modern and Ancient History

Year 11 (6th form) Modern History Teacher
Year 11 (6th form) Ancient History Teacher
Year 9-10 Studies of Society and Environments Teacher

Briefly describe the school/college. Include type, number of students, class size and any other special characteristics.

Highlight your responsibilities including extra-curricular activity involvement.

Dates of Previous Employment

e.g. July-December 2004

Name of Employer and Location

e.g. Richmond Secondary School, Richmond, United Kingdom

Position/s of Responsibility and Year Levels/Subjects

eg.. Year 11 History Teacher, Year 9-10 Geography Teacher

Describe all education related positions, as noted above. List previous places of employment in reverse chronological order and include a brief outline of any non teaching related work or gaps in employment greater than three months.

Position/s of Responsibility and Year Levels/Subjects

List employment history up to a maximum of fifteen years prior (or since time of teacher graduation). Additional professions held prior to this time may be included only to augment your profile.


Year Awarded
Teaching Qualification
Areas of Specialist Study (e.g. Education, History, Politics)
Name of University and Location
Year Awarded
Additional Qualification
Areas of Specialist Study (e.g. Education, History, Politics)
Name of Institution


List Key Achievements with Dates (e.g. 2004 Duke of Edinburgh Award, 2001-3 Head Coach, Manchester United Football Club Under 16s)

Alternatively, you can include any professional development courses with dates and/or interests or experiences which make you a suitable candidate for the role.


Available upon request.


What’s next?

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We have a range of resources available to help teachers land a new job. Check out our teaching cover letter template and personal statement writing guide to get started.