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Are you applying for a new receptionist position but stuck on what to write in your personal statement for your CV? Don’t panic, we’re here to help. Here is our expert advice on what to include in your receptionist personal statement, as well as a template for you to follow.

We recommend that you use this short personal profile to make your skills and achievements shine. This 100-150 words should promote your strengths, achievements and key skills that relate to the role and successfully sell you as the ideal candidate.

Alternatively, you can read our generic guide for how to write a personal statement.


What to include in your receptionist personal statement


Why you’re applying for the specific role

  • Highlight why you are applying for the role, and what appealed to you.
  • Mention what has appealed to you about the company, ensure that you do your research and tailor your personal statement to each role.
  • Provide information on previous work experience as a receptionist.



  • Highlight the relevant subjects you have studied, or qualifications gained.
  • Provide information on your School/College/University that you attended, if relevant.


Your Receptionist Experience & Skills

  • Provide information on your previous receptionist role, mentioning key responsibilities and how they relate to the advertised position.
  • Mention key skills that you possess and that helped you to manage previous workload.
  • Highlight relevant qualifications, and ensure you mention communication and IT skills.


Receptionist Personal Statement Example

A polite, friendly and extremely capable receptionist, with a passion for delivering excellent administrative support. I hold excellent communication and listening skills, that allow me to communicate successfully with all clients and guests, face-to-face and over the phone. In my previous role I was responsible for answering the telephone, responding to emails, greeting guests and providing a range of administrative support. I am a great people person, therefore providing excellent customer service comes naturally. I have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office and other administrative tools. As a polite, enthusiastic, self motivated individual, combines with my experience and expertise, I believe that I would make a great asset to your administration team.

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