Project Manager Personal Statement

Project manager

Have you found the perfect project manager job, but are struggling to write a great personal statement for your application?

Your personal statements is the perfect opportunity to show your potential employer who you are and where your strengths lie. We recommend using this short personal profile to promote your knowledge, key skills and work experience in project management.

Use this 100-150 word section at the beginning of your CV to provide examples of how you match the job specifications, and why you should be hired for this project manager role.

If you are seeking further useful information, then check out our tips on how to write a personal statement.


What to include in your project manager personal statement


Why you are applying for the role

  • Refer to the knowledge you have of the industry and of the specific position to show awareness of the demands of the role.


Why you’re applying for the specific role

  • What is it that attracted you to this specific role?
  • Why do you want to work for this specific company?


Provide details about your education

  • Provide a brief overview on your previous education (School/University/Higher Education Courses)


Your experience

  • Where have you worked previously?
  • What were you required to do in your last role?
  • Did you have any additional responsibilities in your previous roles?


Your vision

  • What are your career aspirations?
  • What are you hoping to achieve in this role?


Example Project Manager Personal Statement

Highly motivated and respected project manager with a upper second class honours in Business Management from the University of Leicester, and eight years’ experience. I have excellent organisation and communication skills meaning that I excel at leading a team and ensuring all projects are completed on schedule. In my previous role I was responsible for managing the finance and sustainability strategy of a number of large scale projects and liaising directly with clients. I am looking to take on new challenges including managing multiple projects simultaneously and leading a bigger team. I am confident that, with my experience and expertise, I would be an asset to your team.

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