How to Upsell Your CV Experience Section

Published on: 2 Mar 2021

CV upsell

The ‘work experience’ section of your CV is perhaps the most important part of any application. It’s what the employer is really interested in. Although you should absolutely never lie on your CV, there are certain ways you can upsell your past experiences…


1. Think about your wording

Instead of listing your position as ‘Intern,’ get more specific! By adding an industry relevant term such as ‘PR Intern’ or ‘Marketing Intern’ your experience becomes more impressive and valuable to potential employers.


2. Emphasise your timeline

Even if you have only worked at your current position for 2 years but have an additional 5 in other roles then start your personal statement with ‘7 years experience in (whatever field is relevant for you)’. Showing your employer that you have a proven (and long) history working in the industry can only be beneficial, so make it easy for them by including the actual number of years.


3. Highlight your skills

If you are lacking in the experience section, perhaps because you’re entry level or maybe you took some time off, use your skills section to win over your employer. If you have any qualifications or particular achievements then include them on your CV and highlight why they are relevant.


4. Cater your experience

It’s always important to remember to cater your CV to the specific role/company you’re applying for. The same goes for your work experience section. It isn’t crucial that you list every single role you’ve ever had, but say you’re applying for a job in retail, including the Customer Assistant role you’ve had previously is more valuable than your work as a Bar Tender. We’re not telling you to only include relevant experience, but highlight experience that is going to suit the application better.


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