How to Handle a Job Rejection

Published on: 3 Mar 2021


Whether it’s a personal or professional, most people will struggle to handle rejection. Being rejected after an interview for your dream job can often feel like a major set back. Read on to find out how to pick yourself up, and get back in the job hunting game after a job rejection.


Don’t take it personally

It can feel like a personal rejection, but it’s not about whether they liked you or disliked you. Employers are interviewing multiple candidates for one position, so they will often have a tough decision picking the most suitable person for the job. This decision will come down to who has the best skills and fit for the role and company, rather than the interviewer taking an active dislike to you personally.


Learn from it

So, you didn’t get the job – ask yourself, why not? Take some time to sit down and think over the interview, what were the strong points, and what were some of the questions your struggled with?

It’s also perfectly reasonable to reach out to your interviewer and ask for feedback; the most important thing is that you learn from each interview experience so you can be that much better next time.


Improve your preparation

If there were a few gaps in your knowledge, or you couldn’t answer some of the interviewer’s questions – improve your preparation technique for next time. Make sure you read through and fully understand the job requirements. It’s also important you know your own CV inside out and exactly how your skills and experience meet the job specification. Check out our tips on preparing for your next interview


Don’t keep contacting

While a quick email or call to ask for feedback is completely acceptable, you need to accept whatever they have to say. It’s not okay to give the interviewer a piece of your mind, or relentlessly quiz them about why you didn’t get the job. However much you might believe that you were the perfect fit for the role, you need to understand that the employer’s decision is final.


Stay motivated

It’s crucial that you stay motivated after a job rejection; keep applying for roles, and remember there are many, many more opportunities out there. So, don’t let one rejection put you off from applying for others. You will find your dream job eventually - start searching the latest vacancies on Fish4jobs today.