How to get a job during a pandemic

Written by: Ethan Cumming
Published on: 16 Oct 2020

Organisations across the UK are still hiring - here's our expert guidance for job hunting during the Coronavirus pandemic.

How to get a job during a pandemic

Despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the regional reintroduction of various restrictions, organisations across the UK are still hiring.

That said, job hunting now can be very different than it was back at the beginning of 2020, and growing candidate availability means that competition has ramped up for many roles. With this in mind, and the number of vacancies on Fish4jobs growing, we have put together this list of expert advice and top tips on how to get a job during a pandemic.

Job hunting during Coronavirus tips

  • Have patience when waiting for responses and feedback
  • Request a video interview if you are not offered one
  • Prepare for video interviews with our top tips
  • Consider your options - which other jobs could you do?
  • Reach out to your network to find new opportunities
  • Tailor every job application to stand out from the competition
  • Get back in touch with pre-lockdown interviewers
  • Take some time to reflect on what you want in a new job
  • Update your CV with what you have been up to this year
  • Be the first to hear about the latest opportunities with a Fish4jobs job alert

Have patience

With some staff remaining on furlough, lots of people still working from home and many redundancies being made, you may find yourself waiting longer than usual for responses to job applications and interview feedback.

While there is no harm in sending a polite email enquiring about next steps, be prepared to be patient. Bear in mind that some email addresses and contact numbers may be temporarily unmanned or unmonitored at this time.

Request a video interview

Many employers are now interviewing and onboarding new employees remotely, but if you are asked to attend an in-person interview don’t be afraid to ask for a video appointment instead. This is especially important if you are vulnerable, looking after a family member or would have to travel a long way to get to the interview.

While they are under no obligation to grant a video interview, you may wonder whether you want to work for an employer that is potentially asking you to risk the health of yourself and those you live with.

Prepare for video interviews

Right now, it’s essential to be ready for video interviews - especially for those of you who haven’t attended one before. In addition to the usual interview preparation of employer research, dressing your best and learning the details of your CV, you will need to prevent potential distractions, know how to handle technical issues and ensure you take the interview in the best location.

Got a video interview coming up? Read more on how to make it a success here.

Consider your options

While job hunting during coronavirus, you may find the availability of certain roles to be lower than usual or that competition is unusually high. You can counter this by widening your pool of potential jobs.

For example, if you are an HGV Driver, would you consider taking on a slightly different driving role? Would you consider temporary or contract work for a few months? Could you transfer your skills to a different industry that has higher demand for staff? Many positions available at the moment will be remote, which could open up new opportunities for you.

Reach out to your professional network

A professional network of likeminded and trusted individuals is an essential device in the career toolkit of many professionals, especially when trying to get hired during a pandemic. Reach out to those in your network to find out about relevant job opportunities that may not be formally advertised.

Tailor every job application

Fierce competition means that it’s vital to tailor all your job applications as you navigate job hunting during a pandemic. Making sure that your CV, application and cover letter are targeted specifically to the job at hand by mirroring the keywords used in the advert will put you ahead of the pack and boost your chances of getting invited to interview.

Get back in touch with pre-lockdown interviewers

Were you interviewing for new jobs back in March only to be told that hiring had been put on hold? If so, we recommend reaching out to those employers to see if they have resumed their recruitment efforts. Even if the role you originally went for is no longer available, getting in contact will put you front of mind when a suitable opportunity arises.

Take some time to reflect

With social distancing still in place and new restrictions being introduced, it may be that job seekers have a little extra time on their hands than usual. Fish4jobs recommends that you use some of this time to reflect on your career and work out exactly what you would like your next role to be.

For example, you may want to take the next step up the career ladder and start managing a team, or it might be that now you have experienced remote working you don’t want to give it up.

Update your CV

Although many will agree that this year has been one of uncertainty and volatility, everyone will have had a unique experience. Some of us will have been on furlough and most of us have had to learn how to work from home, while others still have been made redundant or started a new job remotely. Whatever your situation, now is a great time to update your CV to reflect what you have been up to and what you have learned in 2020.

Be the first to hear about the latest opportunities

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