How to Deal With Quirky Interview Questions

Published on: 2 Mar 2021

No matter how well you prepare for an interview and practice your answers to common interview questions, sometimes employees chose to throw a curveball at you and ask a quirky interview question. How many airplanes are above America right now? If you were a chocolate bar what would you be? The key here is to not be phased by what may feel like silly or inane questions, as these actually have a very specific purpose: to get a sense of your personality – ranging from your humour to your deductive reasoning.



‘If you were a … what would you be?’ Questions

Just remember, there’s no right or wrong answer to this type of question, so no need to overthink it. They may ask you about sweets or other trivial items, but as long as you can laugh along and provide an answer with a good reason behind it, you’ll be fine. For example, you might say that you would be a packet of Skittles because you have a bright and colourful personality. 



‘How many airplanes are above America right now?’

It’s worth noting that some questions aren’t so much about your personality as they are about your creative problem solving. With this sort of question, the interviewer is trying to test your logical thinking ability and see how you approach difficult situations. Don’t worry about the answer being correct, that doesn’t actually matter. The employer is more interested in seeing how you got to your answer, so showing or explaining your workings is essential. These sorts of questions are primarily just a way for them to see what sort of thought process you go through when trying to solve a problem or deal with more abstract concepts.



‘Tell me a joke.’

Unless you’re auditioning to become a stand-up comedian, this question can feel a little bizarre. In this case, the employee is definitely trying to gauge your sense of humour and see if you will fit in with the team and company culture. Just think of the best joke you know and tell it with confidence and enthusiasm… but avoid anything dirty!


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