How to Cancel a Job Interview

Published on: 1 Mar 2021

How to cancel a job interview

Although it’s likely that you worked hard to get to the interview stage, sometimes you have to cancel. Whether you’ve found another position, you’ve fallen ill, or you just don’t think the role is a good fit for you, sometimes you need to cancel your job interview. This can be a delicate situation to handle, so here are our top tips for doing it appropriately and professionally.


1. Do it in good time

The best time to cancel your interview is as soon as you realise you can’t go. Giving your interviewer as much notice as possible when cancelling an interview relieves the annoyance and gives the company plenty of time to either accommodate a new interview slot for you, or to invite new candidates to interview.


2. Be polite

Even if the reason you are cancelling is because you’ve decided that you don’t want the job, it’s always important to be polite. Remember that this company likely had many applications but they chose YOU to interview. So pay them the respect they paid you and be polite when cancelling. Explain your reasons and thank them for the opportunity anyway.


3. DO cancel

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you do actually need to let your interviewer know if you need to cancel. Don’t waste the companies time but not letting them know that you won’t be attending. There’s nothing worse than leaving your interviewer waiting for you not knowing that you’re not coming.


4. Use the phone

Although cancelling your interview might be something you find rather daunting and would rather send a quick email and be done with it, this isn’t the most professional way of handling the situation. Particularly if you would like to reschedule your interview, it is much better to phone the company and explain your situation. Sending an email gives the impression that you care, but not that much.


Ultimately, you need to be respectful when cancelling an interview. Give as much notice as you can and make sure to apologise. If you are looking to reschedule then always phone your potential employer and give a good reason for cancelling!