How to Calm Your Pre-Interview Nerves

Published on: 5 Jun 2017


Interviews can be a real cause of nerves for many applicants. While a few butterflies in the stomach can be good for adrenaline and to keep you motivated throughout the interview, too many nerves can be overwhelming and stop you from performing the way you’d like to. Here are 3 ways to calm your pre-interview nerves.


1. Prepare well

The easiest way to keep interview nerves at bay is to be well prepared. Research the company, your potential role and practice your answers for common interview questions. The more prepared you are the less reason you have to be nervous! Here’s an extensive guide on how to prepare for an interview.


2. Give yourself enough time

The worst thing you can do in an interview is turn up late. Although sometimes this is unavoidable, always take steps to prevent rushing. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare, but also to get to the interview location. Feeling rushed can pile on the stress and thus lead to more nerves in the actual interview.


3. Take a minute to relax

If you are quite an anxious person then it’s likely that an interview is only going to exasperate your anxiety. Everyone is different, and has different ways of relaxing. Before the interview, you could try exercising, having a bath or even meditating to make sure you’re as relaxed and ready to impress as possible. It’s just about finding something that works for you.


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