How to Answer Quirky Interview Questions

Published on: 3 Mar 2015


You’ve done it! You’ve finally made it to the interview. And while you might think you know exactly what to expect, we’re here to prepare you just in case the employer decides to throw a little quirk into the mix. The key here is to not be phased by what may feel like silly or inane questions, as these actually have a very specific purpose: to get a sense of your personality – ranging from your humour to your deductive reasoning.


If you were a biscuit, what type would you be and why?

Just remember, there’s no right or wrong answer to this type of question, so no need to over think it. Simply answer to the best of your ability, and say whatever is true to you. If you’re more of a cream cracker than a cut-and-dry biscuit, then go ahead and say it! This is more for them to see how you interact with others, especially when dealing with unconventional or unexpected questions. Do you play along, or sit there stern-faced and tight-lipped? Better the former, as it shows your ability to adapt to the situation at hand, and tackle any question that comes your way.


Tell me one fact about yourself?

The pressure is on – out of all the many interesting facts about yourself (we’re sure there are many!) you can only pick one to shock and impress. This is a loaded question for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it shows what you prioritize about yourself. So try to pick something that shows you in a positive light. Any awards or accomplishments you have under your belt are a great place to start. If all else fails, tell them a light-hearted factoid, so that they’ll warm to you (hopefully).


How many tennis balls are there in London?

It’s worth noting that some questions aren’t so much about your personality as they are about your creative problem solving. With this sort of question, they want to see what type of logic you use and how you got there. The answer doesn’t have to be correct by any means, it’s just a way for them to see what sort of thought process you go through when trying to solve a problem or deal with more abstract concepts.


In short, don’t stress too much about these questions. Just be honest and open, and above all, be yourself! We promise they won’t hold it against you.