Spotlight on the automotive industry

car industry

Lots of automotive industry jobs are now available against a back drop of oil and gas job losses.

While the news is great for those towns/areas where car-making is based, the economy of Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland could potentially see thousands of people laid off as the costs of production exceed the price received by the oil companies for their oil.

Car sales in the UK and the EU are going just one way – up!  With EU sales increasing last year by 5.7%, and UK car sales up by 9.3%, that’s very good news for the people who make cars.  Moreover, in the UK, December sales grew by 4.7%, the 16th consecutive monthly rise. Jaguar Land Rover is going to create 1,300 new jobs at Solihull, and is advertising a range of skilled positions now. 

Similarly, Rolls Royce and BMW have some great jobs available, and Peter Fuss, an automotive analyst at business services group E&Y, anticipates this will continue, with 2015 sales likely to be about 3% higher than in 2014.This growth will be fuelled to some extent by the current low oil price and the corresponding reduction in fuel prices at the pumps. Check out the latest engineering jobs here.

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