Administrator Job Description

Written by: Evie Courtier
Published on: 9 Mar 2023

Administrator job description

Administrators are the backbone of any business, the go-to person for the nitty gritty – taking care of the essential daily office support, including answering and re-directing calls, dealing with email enquiries, filing, spreadsheet creation and diary management.

This admin job description will dive into three key questions: what an administrator does, how you can enter the administrative world, and the rewards the profession can reap.

What is an Administrator?

Every organisation requires an effective administrator. Your work will require you to be organised and on the ball. Providing both clerical (office-based) and administrative support, you’ll hold a great deal of responsibility to keep the business running on oiled wheels.

You’ll be involved in day-to-day office procedures, as well as specific projects and tasks. Naturally, an administration role will differ by sector, company size, and level of responsibility. However, to give a general overview, we’ve compiled a list of daily tasks often conducted by an admin team:

  • Deal with telephone and email enquiries from customers, as well as internal colleagues, directing calls to the relevant person or department.
  • Assemble, organise and file paperwork, documents and computer-based information.
  • Photocopy and print documents on behalf of other colleagues.
  • Create and maintain office filing systems.
  • Book meeting rooms and conference facilities.
  • Organise travel and accommodation for staff.
  • Diary management and appointment arrangements.
  • Sorting and distributing incoming post, as well as organising and sending outgoing post.
  • Order and maintain stationery and equipment, keeping track of the inventory.

How to become an Administrator:

The Administration profession welcomes those seeking their first job, as well as individuals looking towards a change in job role. If you’re looking at administrator jobs with no experience in the field, then it’s worth detailing your transferable and relevant skills on your CV. Admin roles require you to be computer literate, have strong communication and organisational skills, and have acute attention to detail – all skills, which you will have gained from school, college or university.

Varying levels of experience are required in an admin role, depending on the company and sector, with some roles demanding sector-specific training, such as the legal and medical fields.

Rewards of working in Administration:

Working in Administration can offer a fulfilling and prosperous job role. It opens doors to progression, moving into a Secretarial, Personal Assistant, or Facilities Manager role if you so wish, and grants the opportunity to work across various sectors.

Administrative work gives you a chance to learn the nuts and bolts of an industry, understanding how the inner workings of a business are conducted. It also allows you to network, interact with a range of people and see first-hand how decisions are made. As you progress in your role and take on a broader range of responsibilities, you may find yourself managing budgets, planning company events or training new employees.

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