9 Childhood Dream Jobs: When I Grow Up I Want to Be...

Published on: 4 Jul 2016

When we were younger we believed that we could be anything and do anything. It’s only when we grew older that we began to realize that our dreams of becoming a superhero, wizard or astronaut were never going to become a reality. Unfortunately, as an adult we have to be more realistic about how we’re going to spend the rest of our lives.

Here are some of the most common answers to the infamous question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”


1. Astronaut


Many children dream of venturing into space when they grow up. Children are brought up with stories that tell them about the magic of space, they spend their science lessons learning about planets and stars, they go on field trips to science museums where they can gaze through telescopes into the universe. Kids go to bed dreaming of exploring space, walking on the moon, living in a space station, using a jetpack and wearing a spacesuit – so is it really any wonder that this is one of their most desired future job roles?

NASA may no longer be planning missions to Mars, however they are still hiring for people to work on the International Space Station with the hope of deeper space exploration.


2. Teacher


The reason that children dream of becoming a teacher is likely due to the fact that school is a defining childhood experience. People who dream of becoming a teacher often enjoyed school and like the thought of helping others.

If you’re childhood dream was to become a teacher then why not check out our teaching vacancies, or our teaching CV templates for advice and guidance to your dream career.


3. Veterinarian


Kids also dream of becoming a vet from a very young age, the majority of whom love pets and animals of all shapes and sizes. From the moment a child first visits a zoo or brings home their first pet, be it a goldfish or a puppy, they grow an attachment and love for animals unlike any other.

Children understand that veterinarians diagnose and treat sick animals, and dream of becoming a vet in order to help the animals that they love. To become a veterinarian requires a significant amount of hard work and schooling, however once completed it can be one of the most rewarding careers.


4. Doctor or Nurse


Becoming a doctor or a nurse is a common childhood dream. Kids see doctors and nurses as superheros, performing miracles to save their loved ones from illness. 

To work in the healthcare industry can be an extremely rewarding career. If your dream as a child was to become a nurse or a doctor then why not take a look at our advertised vacancies.


5. Professional Athlete


When you ask children “What do you want to be when you grow up?” you will often hear the answer football player, rugby player, horse rider, tennis player, swimmer… The list goes on. Who wouldn’t want to grow up to play their favourite sport for a living?

However at a young age children are unaware of the exceptional amount of dedication and work that goes into becoming a professional athlete, with hours of practice a day and the highly competitive nature.


6. Ballerina


To become a ballerina you need exceptional grace, dedication and tremendous strength. A large majority of us didn’t have these when we were young, however the dream still lived on. If you have all the qualities to become a ballerina you can live a life of fine art and sophistication.


7. Police Officer


Kids often dream of becoming police officers. This may be due to the influence of superheroes and crime movies. Children admire their bravery and courage, as they regard them as a type of superhero keeping them safe and fighting baddies.


8. Firefighter


The big red truck, flashing lights and loud sirens – as a child with all that excitement how could you not want to be a firefighter?

Children’s TV shows are filled with cartoons of firefighters rescuing people from burning buildings, putting out fires, keeping people safe, riding in a fire truck and wearing cool gear. Are grown ups really surprised that this is a dream childhood job? Kids envision fighting fires as exciting and courageous. Although this can be the case, it also involves a huge deal of bravery, rigorous training and testing, and exceptional fitness. 


9. Pilot


Working as a pilot is undoubtedly one of the coolest professions, where you can travel the world and live the life of a jetsetter.

However when you grow up you begin to understand that to become a pilot takes a lot of hard work and money. It requires years of testing and training, but if this is your ultimate childhood dream it’s worth the hard work!


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