5 Things You Should Bring to a Job Interview

Published on: 1 Mar 2021

When preparing for a job interview the main things we tend to consider are what to wear and how to answer questions that you might be asked. It is also important to consider what you need to actually bring with you or have on hand during a virtual interview.


1. A bottle of water

Water bottle

Trust us, this is essential! Although a lot of interviewers will offer you water upon your arrival, not everyone will. Imagine having a little tickle in the back of your throat that slowly grows into a scratchy, uncontrollable cough that interrupts the flow of your interview. Now imagine you could have soothed the cough by bringing a bottle of water with you. Additionally, taking a sip of water after being asked a difficult question gains you valuable seconds to think of a response.


2. A notepad and pen

Notepad and pen

Bringing a notepad and pen is obviously useful for writing down any information you’re given by the interviewer and will also show your interviewer that you are prepared and organised.


3. A copy of your CV

Copy of CV

Yes, in most cases your interviewer will already have a copy of your CV but you can still be proactive and bring one yourself. It shows initiative and also provides you something to refer back to if you’re unable to recall an answer.


4. The interview address and contact information

Interview address

A lot of us rely solely on our smart phones nowadays, but things can go wrong! You wouldn’t want to miss your interview because your phone ran out of battery or you couldn’t get any signal for maps. When you leave for your interview write the company address and contact information of the interviewer on a piece of paper (or in your pre-discussed notepad!) in case things don’t go to plan! If your interview is done remotely via Zoom or Skype, make sure you have another way to contact the interviewer - such as a phone number or email address - in case you have any trouble connecting.


5. Some pre-planned questions


This is perhaps the most important thing to bring to an interview. There is nothing worse than giving the interviewer radio silence when asked if you have any questions about the role. Asking some pre-planned and insightful questions about the position shows your interviewer that you’re engaged and interested. Don’t know what to ask your interviewer? Take a look at our suggestions.

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