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Area Sales Managers

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Powerflow Limited
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Self Employed
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Full time

Self Employed Area sales Manager selling a range of advanced automotive chemistry to the automotive trade

This is a real business opportunity allowing you to build your income through new and repeat sales. You will be selling products of the very highest quality and reputation, into the garage trade and other sectors.

This is a real business opportunity for an entrepreneurial person, so this is a commission only role, although in most areas there are existing customers and so there is a residual income available.

The Company
We are Powerflow Ltd, the distributor for BG Products in Gt. Britain.

BG Products were established in the USA in 1971. Their goal was to make the best quality products in each market sector they were involved in. BG Products manufacture lubricants and treatments for various vehicle components. For the automotive/garage market they make staples like fuel system cleaners and engine flushes however they also produce a wide range of other products and services designed to improve or restore the performance of various vehicle components, such as Air Induction System Cleaning, EGR Cleaning, Power Steering Flushes, etc.

In the automotive marketplace BG are market leaders in offering profit programmes to the US marketplace

As their reputation for making high quality products spread they were given the opportunity to develop and produce products that would benefit other business sectors other than garages, sectors such as Agriculture, Marine and Industrial. All of these sectors give the opportunity to gain a new customer and importantly, a repeat purchasing customer.

Market Sectors

You will hopefully have the visited the webpage describing the various marketplaces BG are in.

The automotive/garage marketplace is the main sector that BG is involved in. This sector benefits from the Profit Programmes that we offer to help them win more customers and make more money from those customers (by selling services and products that will improve the performance and/or longevity of their vehicles)

Other sectors that BG operate in are as follows
Marine – We sell waterproof greases that protect better and last longer than standard greases. This is cutting maintenance time significantly for these customers. The opportunities here include coastal customers as well as inland waterways such as lakes and canals.

Offshore – We have greases that protect in the harshest environments by resisting the corrosion effect of sea water. Petro-chemical industry and wind farms benefit from these products

Agriculture – We have lubricants that resist the corrosive effect of fertiliser, we have fuel injector services that restore the efficiency of injectors fouled by the poor quality of agricultural fuel

Construction – We sell Ion Activated penetrating oil that frees and lubricates even the worst seized bolts

We have ran trials with fleets, including lorries, trains and buses where we have demonstrated how we can restore fuel economy and reduce emissions

We have products that restore the efficiency of industrial generators (these are found on building site, plant hire companies, ships, etc) and lengthen their oil change interval

The Products

BG makes over a 100 different products for various sectors. In the UK we actively sell over 30 of these products, and this is growing.

The product portfolio is too large to mention here so please browse our website. What the site will not show you is how highly regarded our products are. Our lead product is BG44K a very advanced fuel system and carbon deposit removal treatment. Look it up on Google and see how highly it is regarded

In addition to the BG range we are sole suppliers to the automotive sector of Primeshield liquid gloves. This is a revolutionary cream that rubs in and within 30 seconds forms a membrane that acts as a glove. This then does away for the need to have latex gloves and barrier cream. It is a very popular product and gives you a very quick opportunity to build some basic income, as it is cheaper than using latex gloves, and better. Plus it is a great ‘door opener’ into garages.

Sales Tools

We help our customers make more profit. It is important that this profit is achieved through additional, and ethical, services that the customer will benefit from.

There is plenty of evidence that the customer will benefit from our services and treatments. With our ‘staples’, Fuel System Cleaner and Oil Flush, we demonstrate to the garage that we will reduce emissions and restore compression. We have other data from Dynometers showing how our injector cleaning services gave restored or increase BHP.

To help our customers we have introduced [contact details removed]

This is a site that promotes our customers business. It does that by allowing their customers to rate their garage and their service and for us to publish this on the website. Essentially what the garage is saying is that they are confident enough in the quality of their service to allow customers to anonymously publish their views about them.

Membership is currently free. To be a member the garage has to agree to offer their customers an ‘Emissions Control Service’. That is all they have to do, just offer. There is no commitment from them as to how many they buy they just have to offer. However we have point of sale material that helps the customer offer that to his customer, so inevitably there will be sales.

Protection Plan
For the garage that has younger cars, cars with less than 50,000 on the clock. BG will offer a FREE Protection Plan with our Premium* Emissions Control Service. This is to say that if an engine breaks down in the next 12,000 miles after one of these services we will pay up to £2000 towards repairing that engine. Furthermore we will carry on that protection all the way up to 150,000 miles provide they repeat the service every 12,000 miles.

This is a great opportunity for the garage to get their customers to come back to their garage, and a great profit opportunity.

We run a 2 day training course. We will pay for hotel and food for those 2 days.

Further training will be given in the field by regional support personnel

Financial Opportunity

Our base or standard sale is to the general automotive market. We sell superb quality (absolutely the best in the marketplace) maintenance products. This is typically our fuel system cleaners and engine flushes. However there are several other opportunities to sell service solutions such as our power steering fluid flush and air induction service. More about these on our website [contact details removed] .If we stay with the staples for just a minute and treat every other product and market sector as a bonus (potentially huge bonus) we can start to see the earning potential.

If we had an independent selling just one of our treatments every day e.g. an oil flush or a fuel system cleaner (many garages sell both treatments to the majority of their customers) that garage would provide an income of £31 per month alone. It would be £62 per month if they sold both. Commission is 30% of the cost to the customer.

This is an example of an independent, dealers sell higher volume.

Please bear in mind that we have tools that help the customer to sell these products to their customer.

The territories we have available will easily give the opportunity to gain 100 plus garage customers (although to build 100+ will take time) You can see from the staple products there is an opportunity to develop a strong residual income. But that is not the end of the earning. These customers will also buy products such as air con oil, air con decontamination, coolant sealer, oil supplements etc

On top of the garage opportunities there will be the other sector prospects as well. Fleet and their workshops, construction, Marine, Agriculture

The Primeshield opportunity gives the opportunity to build income quickly. All garages, workshops, dealerships, fleet operators, etc use latex gloves. We pay 25% commission on this product and it is estimated that a small independent garage would yield £8 commission a month. That may not sound a lot but every garage uses latex gloves. A dealership would yield about £30-40 per month in commission. Income very quickly builds up with this product, but as we said it is also a door opener for much more commission through the BG range

In addition to the above we also work with an oil broker. Results so far show that we can save the average independent garage about 50p per litre on their oil prices (with like for like specification). This give you an opportunity to earn money very quickly by just asking the garage if they would like a quote for their oil.

If we can beat the price then 20% of the difference is paid in commission to you (50% of the difference goes to the garage as they will want some savings to change). A typical garage uses 300-400 litres a month. Typical commission on this deal would be 10p per litre (£30-£40 per garage per month). A typical territory would have up to 500 garages in the area and therefore if you converted 1 in 5 you would earn about £3-4000 just on this.

Once you have the customer you are in a position to offer the BG range and build that income.

Paul Dobbyn


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Fencer required, must be experienced in:- All types of Agricultural Fencing, Domestic Feather Edge Fencing, Hanging Gates.

Full or Part time considered please call Richard or Becky now to apply.


Richard or Becky


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