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Strategic Data and Assessment Manager

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1. To oversee and develop the school’s use of strategic and operational data and systems within the school
2. To lead the development, management and effective use of school data systems, including the school’s Management Information System (MIS)
3. To support the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) in tracking and monitoring the progress of pupils within each key stage relating to achievement
4. To produce and present clear, concise and accurate information to support the SLT and Governors in raising standards of performance in the school
5. To lead on all aspects of Data Collection, Analysis and Dissemination to ensure accurate planning of teaching and learning and assessment of pupil progress, including the development of online reporting methods
6. To line manage the school’s Data and Assessment Team to include the Exams Officer, and to take overall responsibility for all examination and assessment arrangements
7. To set up, maintain and review highly complex data. Analysing, problem solving, developing solutions and/or strategies with senior leaders in increasing school improvement
1. The implementation, development, management and control of the school MIS and other Assessment systems relevant to the school
2. To advise on new functionality where it can help meet the schools future needs
3. To oversee and update information held on school databases including changes to student rolls, timetable exchanges, assessment and examination data
4. To product student reports, including the setup of assessment definitions and mark sheets for the collection of data
5. Accountable for ensuring all teaching staff meet deadlines and to ensure statutory requirements for reporting are met
6. To provide instructions, support and training to facilitate teachers in the entry of data according to published deadlines
7. To liaise with other agencies as appropriate to ensure a full and accurate picture of prior attainment for all students
8. To coordinate the collection, entry and extraction of data required to ensure statutory and other statistical returns are completed accurately and within published deadlines
9. To liaise and manage all staff working with the MIS system to produce required returns including data in relation to attendance, census, DFE returns and any other required data information
10. To oversee input data as required relating to admissions, student details, examination and assessment and any other data required
11. To manage the printing and distribution of reports including student reports, progress tracking reports, examination and assessment and any other data, including online publication
12. To provide statistical analyses of data as requested by SLT in terms of Faculty/Department/Year Groups and any other cohorts and groups to analyse performance and identify progress and under achievement
13. To provide necessary data and information for the VLE as required
14. To supply other data as requested by SLT and the Governing Body
15. To line manage the Exams Officer, and Administration Staff for exams (including Invigilators)
16. To ensure that all examination entries and claims are made according to published deadlines in liaison with key staff
17. To ensure appropriate processes and procedures for the administration of examinations and assessments, working to and meeting strict deadlines
18. To oversee communication with Examination Boards, as necessary, regarding all aspects of policy and procedure relating to examination regulations, attending any training provided by Examination Boards, the QCA, and other bodies if appropriate
19. To ensure that all public examinations take place according to the regulations published by relevant bodies and that such regulations are publicly displayed and students duly informed
20. To ensure the arrangements for Access and special consideration for relevant students, liaising with Examination Boards and the school’s SSLD/SEN department, and ensuring compliance with DDA
21. To ensure that systems to be used for submission of examination entries and for the receipt, recording and issuing of results and certificates are working effectively and reviewed on a regular basis
Ensure implementation and promotion in employment and service delivery of the Council's equal opportunities policies and statutory responsibilitiesLONDON
Title: Strategic Data
and Assessment Manager Grade: PO3
Section: Admin
Post No: Reports to: Assistant Headteacher
Hours: 35
Previous proven management experience of working in Data Management in a senior role to include line management of a team.
QUALIFICATIONS/TRAINING (Essential Requirements)
Relevant recognised degree/related professional qualifications in ICT/business administration or substantial experience
Excellent numeracy/literacy skills
KNOWLEDGE (Essential Requirements)
Comprehensive proven knowledge of MIS Systems, with an emphasis on reporting;
Experience in analysing trends and recommending practical measures for improvement;
Expertise in SQL script writing
Comprehensive understanding of Exam procedures and appropriate legislation
Knowledge of office procedures and practice, including the appropriate use of information technology
Experience of statistical expertise, to be able to present statistical information
Experience in the use of both Microsoft Excel and Access, together with the associated VBA scripting language
Knowledge of XSLT

Seven Acorns


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