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Start a career as airline Cabin Crew: Nationwide

Standard job
From £10,000 to £40,000 per year
United Kingdom
Job term
Job hours
Full time

Have you like many others considered a career as airline cabin crew or a flight attendant?

Are you worried that you've missed your opportunity or have no experience?

Have you been rejected previously are are unsure of applying again?

If so then we at Cabin Crew Diploma and Be-a careers can help you kick start your career in this amazing sector by giving you the training to succeed!!

Our online course is designed to make you pass the cabin crew selection tests plus give you the practical experience of what it takes to become cabin crew.

The course consists of-
Module 1 – The history of the Cabin Crew position
Module 2 – Criteria to become Cabin Crew and why they are required
Module 3 – Terminology and Definitions
Module 4 – Using the 24 hour clock and the Phonetic Alphabet
Module 5 – Weather conditions that affect flying
Module 6 – Currency Conversion when working as Cabin Crew
Module 7 – Importance of teamwork and communication among Cabin Crew
Module 8 – Personal Presentation of Cabin Crew
Module 9 – Airlines New Entrant Course
Module 10 – An Overview of Normal Cabin Crew Duties
Module 11 – Pre-flight safety briefing of Cabin Crew
Module 12 – The layout of a commercial aircraft
Module 13 – Aircraft communication systems & Passenger Announcements
Module 14 – The Galley
Module 15 – Doors and emergency exits
Module 16 – Types of passengers
Module 17 – Cargo carried within the cabin area
Module 18 – Safety and emergency equipment
Module 19 – Emergency procedures
Module 20 – Evacuation
Module 21 – Ditching
Module 22 – Aviation First Aid
Module 23 – Physiology of flight
Module 24 – Going the extra mile and top tips when working as Cabin Crew

You will gain a certificate at the completion of the training programme to take with you to your interview.

After completing the course you will receive a certificate which you can show airlines at the application process, with 100's of people applying for every job you need every advantage you can get to start this career and this certificate will really help.

Also will help with the application process at the major airlines to get you the cabin crew job that suits you.

What are you waiting for? This is a very rare opportunity to get your career started in this amazing sector.

Apply now on our online form and will contact you with all the information.

Also for all job seekers and career changers you will receive a 50% discount to make it even easier.

Chris Morgan


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