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WebSphere/Linux Systems Administrator Job expired

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United States
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Looking for a System Administrator with WebSphere. They ahve 250 Linux, Redhat Servers, 40 Sun Solaris, WebSphere running on top of LInux. I need Systems Admin with preferably both Linux and some WebSphere - Scripting, Perl, Korn, Powershell, any Veritas Foundation Suite, EMC, VMAZ, Tivoli is a plus.

BS or BA degree in computer science or related field, or equivalent.
Minimum 5 years of experience in data processing environment required;
2 years with networking equipment, all in-one systems, relational database technology, office automation, and transaction processing required.
Able to patch Redhat and Solaris Operating Systems
Experienced in deployment of custom written applications using cp or WebSphere ND Deployment Manager.
Must possess strong planning, organizational, and prioritizing skills. Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
Must be fluent in standard UNIX commands such as tail, cat, tar, gzip, mv, chmod, input output redirection, etc. In addition, be able to setup virtual IP addresses, configure NTP and switch run levels.
Experienced in basic Scripting of ksh, bash or Perl in order to automate admin functions.
Experienced in installing commercial off the shelf applications as needed into a shared UNIX environment and Scripting start and stop scripts as needed.

Job expired
Robyn Honquest


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