Marketing Consultant - Lead (Digital)

01 Dec 2016
12 Dec 2016
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Full Time
Is this the first time you have looked at an ad in a while - or are you back looking for the umpteenth time again? The world of employment is a merry-go-round and finding the 'right' role can be difficult at your level. Furthermore, in the past when you found that new role how long did it last?

Why waste your talents on a job that may not be here next year or working for an organisation where you are faceless. Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to go it alone? What stopped you?

Are you fed up with corporate life, constant changes, increased pressure and stress, short termism, daily commute and office politics? Then consider something more permanent, more rewarding something you own and have more control with the safety of a powerful brand, an organisation and a movement that provides continuity, support and constant R&D.

We know that at some point you'll be in the same position again - it's inevitable, there rarely is a job for life anymore.

But, there can be???

Take control of your future and build your own business under a franchise licence. Being an owner (through a franchise contract) of something that you control, where you shape the direction and the strategy is so much more rewarding - all that stops you doing this is, well you!

We have a superb opportunity for you to revel in the autonomy and take control of your own future - but it's only available to those individuals that are prepared to balance risk and reward.

Read on for more detail???

Building a business - you've done that before right? - is so rewarding and imagine that this time the main beneficiary is you and your family. That elusive security and work-life balance could be closer than you think, but you will have to work hard to make this successful and the beauty of this model is you will see the fruits of your hard work - not just in monetary terms (though important) but in the improvement to your life.

This is about you building a business in the marketing industry with our client WSI, with multiple revenue streams, (some are on-line passive digital income streams) mean that there are multiple growth and profit opportunities, every week of the year.

WSI are a tremendously innovative and professional business - you can be part of that too.