Lead Product/Visual Designer

09 Nov 2016
03 Dec 2016
Contract Type
Full Time
Our client, a digital product studio, are seeking a a Visual Design Master Crafts(wo)man to take responsibility end-to-end for getting a product to market. This will include shaping that idea into a commercially viable and sustainable business. The most efficient way to do with is with a holistic, end-to-end process of combined disciples including design, engineering, business strategy, product management, and marketing. The company do this for early stage startups and corporate clients.

The role:

* You will be an expert Visual Designer. This is the area you will own 100% on every product you lead. Besides that, you will share ownership on anything from strategy to process.
* You should be able to quickly unpack dense, complex problems and use design to help others understand them.

Things you will do:

* Work on one product at a time side by side with engineering, business strategy, and product management.
* See your work built, released, and tested every two weeks.
* Be measured on the quality of your work, not the hours you put in.
* Collaborate directly with users, customers, and stakeholders.
* Share UX horizontally with every team member.
* Receive group support and a candid culture.
* Benefit from cross-team pollination with fortnightly Design/Product/Tech reviews and Braintrusts.
* Work with the biggest brands in town.
* Help real startups get off the ground or move in new directions.
* Have a stake in any startup we take equity in.
* Take a lot of holidays.
* Keep yourself in tip top shape with healthcare cover.
* Work with a progressive, passionate group of people.
* Love your job.

Things you will not do:

* Work on junk.
* Get burned out (at least not by us).
* Get bored.
* Move slowly. Create 300-page Powerpoints nobody needs, or beautiful looking products nobody wants.

Shopping list:

* Visual design master crafts(wo)man
* Iterative mentality / process
* Opinion on digital product design today
* An impressive portfolio
* With products out in the wild
* Success and failure (and know why in either case)
* Experience participating in / running workshops
* Evidence backed process of working
* Experience solving problems across several verticals
* Experience across multiple platforms and touchpoints
* Snr stakeholder management

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