Software Engineer (Ruby, Rails, Linux)

Bytemark Limited
23 Sep 2016
21 Oct 2016
Contract Type
Full Time

This role is for a full-stack programmer who wants to work with a multi-skilled team of designers, researchers and developers. We're a growing company - your Rails & Linux knowledge is going to be crucial to that.


Bytemark are looking for a full-stack Software Engineer to join our team of five. We're interested in someone who can take apart a web application, get to know it intimately, and then develop, fix, test, and deliver it.

You should be comfortable working at both the back- and front-ends of a modern web application, picking apart frameworks, APIs, DBAs, SQL, as well as doing occasional spots of browser-side debugging. The main languages we use are Ruby and Go, but if you've completed work in C++, Java, Python or similar languages you'll get on just fine. We use Rails for many of our web-facing APIs and internal applications. You'll need a proven development track record, and a strong desire to get projects delivered.

Your work here would depend on your skills and experience, but it might include:

- developing new features on our Bytemark Cloud platform;
- diagnosing and fixing issues on our Cloud platform for the platform and customer service teams;
- maintaining existing Rails applications to current standards; and breaking up legacy codebases into individual frontends and microservices

We have developed our own cloud hosting platform, founded on our history of building hosting products on innovative technology. We're not afraid of challenges, and have learned how to turn inventive engineering decisions into high-value production systems. We love putting these new ideas into production for our customers. Our uptime and long-term reputation is the success that we cherish from all of this work.

We use the processes that work for small teams. We use Git for version control, Gitlab to keep track of issues, and Jenkins for continuous integration. Software engineers will have several projects going on at once, and we try not to over-manage. In short, we have an evolving methodology and a wealth of experience - this means we can quickly and efficiently deliver new features for our customers.

You'll need to be able to hold to a vision of a finished product, join in ongoing research and share your insights and expertise with a team. You need to know when to ask for help, and be open to discussing your work in an ego-less way.

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What kind of company is Bytemark?

Bytemark is a 30-person strong, 14-year-old hosting company, with nearly 3000 customers. Our mission is to build tools that developers will love, with a strong focus on the UK market. We have a deep appreciation for the free software movement, and we hope you might know our name from various free software and culture sponsorships we've made over the years.

Our two largest teams are currently Software Engineering & Customer Support - building things and helping our customers use them is where we spend most of our time.

We're currently replacing our oldest hosting services with newer, automated, better-featured ones and bringing them all together on a single control panel. There are many aspects of this that need pulling apart and rebuilding.

Your duties:

- Writing straightforward, reliable code with reasonable test coverage.
- Wide collaboration on testing, specification & software engineering practice.
- Responding to customer questions and bug reports.
- Juggling bugs & feature requests according to business & customer demand.
- Reviewing merge requests and working closely with other developers.
- Working with other teams in the company, and reporting to the Engineering Director.

Career progression :

Employees who have succesfully progressed at Bytemark typically have balanced their workload while proactively taking on new responsibilities. We review your progress every 3 months, with salary reviews every 12 months. Salaries are set on overall responsibility and company size, so you will be able to earn a higher salary and responsibility through proven achievement.

We also have an open company plan. Our HR Manager and the Engineering Director will help you navigate this and spot new opportunities in the company as they arise.

Skills we're seeking for this position:

- Strong experience in Ruby or a similar dynamic language (Python, Perl, etc.).
- Strong experience of a modern full-stack web framework: Rails or similar.
- Knowledge and experience using GNU/Linux.
- Bonus: some experience of Go or traditional systems languages - Java, C, C++ would also be relevant.
- Bonus: in-depth database knowledge.
- Bonus: any experience of Puppet, Ansible or other configuration management.

Everyone at Bytemark needs to have these skills:

- Empathy for our customers' problems.
- Tact and directness with their team.
- Enthusiasm for achieving something.
- Curiosity & self-direction.


This position will be centered at either our Manchester or York offices, but working remotely may be possible if you are UK- or EU-based, and have the right experience. Our company has been split between York, Manchester and several fully remote workers for years, so we have various ways of making that work.

Employment benefits:

- Salary: GBP32,000 to GBP40,000, dependent upon experience.
- Working hours: 37.5 hours work per week.
- Standard holiday allowance: 25 days holiday and all UK bank holidays in addition.
- Extra holiday allowance: 1 day per full year of employment (up to 8 extra days).
- Five days paid attendance at conferences.
- Health care cash plan.
- "Sellout insurance" - 5% of company value split between all employees in event of founders selling their stake.
- Reimbursement for home broadband service.
- Free hosting (up to GBP150/month).
- Centralised pension & childcare voucher scheme.

Before you apply:

Please understand these points before applying:

You must already be eligible to work in the UK - unfortunately we cannot sponsor visas for this position.

Bytemark operate a fair and anonymous recruitment process. Please DON'T send us a CV - apply online directly from our website: click the APPLY button.

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