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About the charity

For over 15 years the North West Air Ambulance Charity has provided the rapid pre-hospital care needed to make a life changing difference. We operate three helicopters, flying 365 days a year with doctors and paramedics on board providing emergency medical treatment when time is critical.

Anyone, of any age, anywhere may one day need our care. Because we can avoid problems of distance and congestion, we’re never further than 10 minutes to the nearest hospital in the region. However, it is the speed in which we can travel to the region’s specialist trauma hospitals that can make a life changing difference. Trauma patients need to receive treatment quickly in order to prevent death or long-term disability.

Rapid pre-hospital care

In the cases of major trauma, minutes can make a difference in terms of survival and early recovery. Working closely with the North West Ambulance Service, our advanced trauma team of doctors and paramedics can provide effective treatment within the vital minutes after an injury or severe illness.

This often requires our doctors and paramedics to stabilise a patient’s condition, undertaking an initial assessment and often delivering early lifesaving treatment. Information then can be fed directly to the designated trauma hospital, saving seconds when you or a loved one need it the most.


Whether flying to the North West’s busy motorways, remote countryside or city centres, we cover 5,500 square miles and provide an urgent lifesaving service to the 8 million people of the North West and its visitors each year.

How do we raise the money?

You never know when you will need us, but we are calling on you to help us today.

As a charity reliant on the generosity of people like you to keep our helicopters flying, we require vital funds each day just to continue to reach those that most need our service.

There are so many ways in which you can get involved and support us, here are just a few to get you started:

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