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Our business

At its core, Brakes Group has two main passions: food and service. It is these passions that have made it the market leader in UK foodservice, and the second largest foodservice provider in both France and Sweden.

From locally-sourced to globally-sourced, and from specialist culinary ingredients to fully-prepared meals, Brakes Group sources and supplies a range of more than 50,000 fresh, ambient, chilled and frozen foods. This includes over 4,000 own-brand products and a wide range of non-foods, all at competitive wholesale prices.

“We deliver more than one and a half million boxes of food to over 200,000 customer sites every day.”

Through our extensive network of distribution hubs and satellite depots – and a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles – we also deliver more than one and a half million boxes of food to over 200,000 customer sites every day.

Our customers

Brakes Group has more than 50,000 customers including some of the largest leisure, pub, restaurant, hotel and contract catering groups in the world. On the smaller side, our customers also include a huge number of independent restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets, schools and hospitals.

In 2015, approximately 100,000 of the Group's customer sites were in the UK and Ireland, 100,000 were in continental Europe and 12,000 were in Sweden

Our customers choose us not just because of the excellent products and service we provide, but also because of the benefits of our economies of scale. With our huge range and national distribution systems, customers only need one delivery from us to satisfy all their foodservice needs.

“Brakes Group sources and supplies more than 50,000 fresh, ambient, chilled and frozen foods.”

In addition, as part of a pan-European buying group, we have greater purchasing power than any of our customers or any of our competitors. It is what allows us to offer our customers the best quality foodservice at the most competitive prices. Little wonder then that we have long-standing relationships with many of our customers.

Our added value and innovation

Thanks to the decades of knowledge we have built up, our customers also have access to a wealth of value-add services such as business support, sector expertise, recipes and food-related innovations. As much as possible, we work with customers to develop new products and menus that are nutritious and appropriate for the people they cater to.

Our suppliers

Brakes Group has teams of dedicated buyers who source products, including the Group’s own-brand products, from over 2,000 suppliers around the world. In 2014, we spent £1.8 billion in the UK alone.

Being a market leader in European foodservice gives Brakes Group a huge advantage for its customers, and over its competitors, when it comes to procurement. In 2014, that advantage was extended when Brakes Group joined forces with two of the largest foodservice wholesalers in Italy and Finland to form a buying group called Constellation. The alliance represents approximately €6.7 billion in aggregate sales in 2015 and will allow Brakes Group to achieve better prices for itself and its customers across a wide range of products.

Our responsibilities

Our customers know that we take our responsibilities seriously and that we are rigorously transparent when it comes to our supply chain and the sustainability of our more than two thousand suppliers. Our commitment to process and quality assurance may end at the plate, but it begins in the field and the fisherman’s boat.

Beyond our suppliers and customers we recognise that we have a duty to the wider world and try to be ethical in all that we do. This is why we are so proactive in tackling issues such as nutrition, obesity, food waste, carbon reduction and food poverty.

When it comes to food, we believe that everyone matters.

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