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We buy the best for less, so you can too

Buying power

Our day-to-day items cost less because we buy them in great volume. And because we buy them from the same, hand-picked suppliers (whose products are sold under our own labels) we are able to negotiate substantial discounts – savings that we then pass on to you. Supermarkets buying 'big name brands' can't do this.

No-nonsense approach

Many high street supermarkets spend huge sums of money on fancy displays and gimmicks in order to persuade you to buy. We don't. Our store layouts are simple, so you can find what you need for the kind of prices you want.

Quality comes first

Our buyers are experts in their field, from fresh fruit and veg to electronics and fine wines. They instinctively have an eye for which products from around the world represent the best quality at the best prices. But don't just take our word for it – both the grocery industry and consumer media keep on showering our products with the highest praise and top awards.

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