The Benefits of Doing an Apprenticeship

Getting a job can seem harder than ever nowadays. Thanks to a number of different factors, it can often seem like there just isn’t anything out there – especially for younger people who have recently left school or college, as they may feel as though a lack of experience is going to get in their way. If university isn’t for you at this point in your life, and you’re struggling to find a job – don’t fret; an apprenticeship often ends up being the perfect solution.

Apprenticeships come with many benefits, but we thought it would be beneficial for our readers who may be making decisions on the next step to take after school or college to take a look at some of the main ones.

Earn and learn

The name of this benefit says it all. By doing an apprenticeship, you get to earn a wage whilst gaining a qualification – the best of both worlds, if you like. It’s worth noting that most apprenticeships tend to start on the National Minimum wage for an apprenticeship – which currently stands at £3.40 an hour – but there are plenty of opportunities for you to increase your wage by working hard and building up your skills, be it that you find a job elsewhere afterwards, or are kept on and trained even further by the company you completed your apprenticeship with.

Support from work and college

By going to both work and college, you’ll get double the amount of support than you would get just going to one or the other. The support from both your tutor and your colleagues will have you gain plenty of knowledge, putting in you in a positive position for the future.

Build a career

Apprenticeships are hard work when compared to school or college alone, but they’re the ideal way to prepare yourself for the world of work, as well as putting you in the right place to build a successful career in your chosen field.

Get qualified

As well as gaining a year or more worth of valuable work experience, you will also get a qualification at the end of it all. This qualification can open up several different career pathways – regardless of the apprenticeship you have chosen – and will always, always look great on your CV.

Big choice of subjects

Depending on where you live, there are all manner of apprenticeship courses for you to take part in – you’re bound to find a subject that you will be keen to build a career in.

You’ll find learn-on-the-job apprenticeships for Plumbing, Hairdressing, Customer Service, and Health and Social Care, which are pretty commonplace, but some places may offer more obscure apprenticeships, such as Horticulture, Optical, and even Sea Fishing!

No student loan

This is the one that often lures people in! Unlike a university degree, there are no loans needed to undertake an apprenticeship. Seeing as you’ll be earning money while you learn, there’ll be absolutely nothing to pay back over the next 20 years.

Student discount

This is a lesser-known fact, but apprentices can benefit from student discounts too! Seeing as you’re still a student at college, it only makes sense that you should receive the same benefits that other college students do. The NUS Apprentice extra card – which can be purchased for a one-time cost of £11 – offers you discounts and special rates on everything from fashion websites, to days out, to doing the weekly shop.

Paid holiday

Just like any other job, apprenticeships offer paid holiday. It may vary by employer and job title, but the general rule is that you will be entitle to at least one and a half days’ paid holiday for every month of work. So, if your apprenticeship lasts 12 months, you’ll have 18 days of the year to yourself – as well as bank holidays.

We think the benefits are rather clear, then! If you really feel as though university or college isn’t for you, and that you’re keen to get into the world of work instead – don’t hesitate! Contact your nearest provider today to find out more.

If you are looking for an apprenticeship in the Kent area, Midkent College have a range of apprenticeships available; get in touch with them today to find out if they have a course for you.