Telling Phrases You Should Look Out For In A Job Description

Before you apply for a position it’s very important that you fully understand the role. Sometimes, job descriptions hide different meanings behind their phrasing. Here are some commonly used job description phrases and why you should look out for them:

1. Salary up to £60,000 (dependent on experience)

Their are two key phrases in this sentence that change the way we view it. ‘UP TO’ and ‘Dependent on experience.’ It’s important to understand that the salary listed is not the guaranteed amount and in fact is the maximum the company is willing to part with. If you don’t have extensive experience in the field it is unlikely you’ll receive this top end.

2. Some travel required

You’ve found the perfect job in a location that suits you, but look out for travel requirements! Remember to ask the employer how frequently travel will be required and figure out if it works for you.

3. This is a new position

Knowing whether or not this role is filling a current position or if it’s a brand new role can be telling as to how established the role is. Although a new role gives you more freedom to make it your own, it is also likely to be less stable or organised than filling an existing role.

4. Working within the ‘…’ team and reporting to ‘…’

Understanding the role’s standing in the greater working of the company is really useful to understanding the position. It’s important to know where you will stand in the hierarchy of the company.


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