Study reveals that Bakerloo line is top-performing line for company annual turnover and growth rate

A recent study by DueDil, the data intelligence company, has revealed the top performing tube stations and tube lines in terms of average annual turnover, and average annual growth rate.

The annual turnover and annual growth rate of companies within one kilometer of each London tube station were averaged out, and the results are intriguing!

The Bakerloo line has been found to be the top-performing line for both average annual turnover, and average annual growth rate for companies in London. The average annual turnover of companies on the Bakerloo line is £286 million, with the highest average annual growth rate of 22.14%. The visualisation below shows the findings of the study:



The study showed that Waterloo station has the greatest average annual turnover at a staggering £2.6 billion, which is due to the proximity of Royal Dutch Shell PLC which contributes to the average.

Companies included in the study were required to have a reported annual turnover in excess of £5 million and have a registered trading address in central London.