Resignation Letter Samples & Templates

woman hold a banner of I quit to her boss

Preparing to leave your current job? Submitting a professional letter of resignation is always best practice to inform your employer that you’re quitting, and to ensure that you leave on a professional and positive note.

Writing down your reasons for resignation in a professional manner can be an extremely uncomfortable and daunting task. If you’re struggling for what to write, don’t panic, Fish4jobs are here to help with our resignation letter templates and examples.

Simply download our template, and make necessary adjustments to cater to your specific circumstances, as individuals reasons for resignation vary immensely – therefore, there is no one-size-fits all resignation letter.

You can download this resignation letter template as a Word document, or PDF file. Alternatively, copy the text below and paste into your text editing program.


download resignation letter

Resignation Letter Example

[Your Name]


[Company name]

[Company address] 
Dear [Name of Recipient],

I am writing to notify you of my formal resignation from my role as [Job Title] at [Company Name].

As my contract requires that I give [amount of time specified] my last day will be [date].

Thank you for all of the opportunities for professional and personal development presented to me during my time here. I’ve enjoyed working for you, and appreciate the support provided me during my time at the company. If there is anything I can do to help with the transition, please do let me know.

Thank you.


______________ (signature)

[Your Name]

Resignation Letter Format

Keep it short and sweet. A resignation letter is no place for in-depth justifications as to why you’re leaving the role. If you want to provide your manager or employer an explanation, we recommend that you do this in person. Keep your resignation letter short, factual and to the point.

– Your Contact Information – Including first and last name, address, phone number and email address.

– Date Employer Contact Information – Name, title, company name, address.

– Salutation – Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms. Last Name

– First Paragraph – There is no need to go into detail in the beginning, simply state the job role you’re resigning from and the date that this will take effect.

– Middle Paragraph – This section should thank your current employer for the opportunities you have had during your employment.

– Final Paragraph – Conclude by offering to assist with the transition, to remain on good terms with your current employer.

– Professional Close – Kind regards, or respectfully yours.

– Signature – Handwritten is best.