Fish4jobs’ Premier League Table of Season Ticket Affordability is back! Has your club gone up or down the rankings?

Fish4jobs has calculated how long it would take football fans to afford a season ticket at their local Premier League club for the 2017/18. The values were calculated based on the average hourly wage for that area. How does your club rank for affordability?

Huddersfield Town is the new champion for season ticket affordability, knocking last year’s winner West Ham United off the top spot. The cheapest adult season ticket at the John Smith’s Stadium costs just £199 meaning it would take a local fan just 1 workday and 6 hours to afford a season ticket.

Last year’s champions West Ham United were bumped by the Terriers into second place. Local Hammers would have to work just 2 days and 2 hours for a season ticket at the London Stadium, with the cheapest adult season ticket modestly priced at £289.

Manchester City slipped one place from second to third, with Sky Blues fans having to work 2 days and 3 hours to afford a season ticket at the Etihad. Manchester City is the only top six-finishing club to feature in the top half of the table for season ticket affordability for their local fans.

In fourth place is Stoke City, who dropped one place for affordability. It would take a local Potters fan 2 working days and 6 hours to afford a season ticket at the Britannia.

Which clubs are pricing their local fans out of the game?

At the bottom of the table for the second season in a row is Liverpool. Local Liverpool fans would have to work 5 days and 8 hours to be able to afford the cheapest season ticket at £685.

Tottenham has plummeted three places from last year into the bottom three for season ticket affordability, with the cheapest season ticket at their temporary home Wembley costing a staggering £695. Local Spurs fans would have to work 5 days and 7 hours to watch Tottenham play at Wembley this season.

Although still in the bottom three, Arsenal moved up one place for affordability into 18th place since the club dropped their season ticket prices after failing to qualify for the Champions League last season. It would take a local Gunner 4 working days and 6 hours to afford a season ticket at the Emirates.

The clubs with the greatest position changes from last year are Southampton and Everton. Southampton climbed an incredible eight places, whilst Everton moved up six places into 9th place, which is great news for local fans of both clubs.

On the flip side, Chelsea dropped the largest number of places, falling five places into 17th position making their cheapest season ticket significantly less affordable for local Blues fans.

Here’s what happened last season.

How do rival clubs compare for season ticket affordability?

Out of the Manchester clubs, Manchester City offers a significantly more affordable season ticket than Manchester United. Red Devils fans would have to work 4 days and 1 hour, compared to just 2 days and 3 hours to watch Manchester City at the Etihad.

In Liverpool, the team with the most affordable season ticket is Everton. It would take local Toffees 3 days and 5 hours to pay for their season ticket, compared to Liverpool fans who would have to work 5 days and 6 hours.

Varun Khanna, Marketing Manager at Fish4jobs commented on the study: “Flipping the normal Premier League table on its head, the season ticket affordability table shows us how the traditionally smaller club speak more to the pockets of local fans.

Fish4jobs has calculated the number of working days that it would take for a supporter to afford their local Premier League team’s cheapest season ticket. The cheapest single adult season ticket prices were collected from the official club websites, avoiding early bird and family tickets. Hourly pay was collected from the most recent ONS Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings. A working day is based on a standard 8-hour day.