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5 Interview Habits That Make You Completely Forgettable


What’s the difference between an awful candidate and a mediocre candidate? Nothing important, because neither of them are going to get the job. Most job hunters are savvy enough to know that swearing at the interviewer or answering their phone during the meeting are the sort of faux-passes that will quickly get them shown the door. But what many don’t […]

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6 Things You Should Never Say In An Interview


Job interviews can sometimes feel like an awkward first date. Just swap the candlelit dinner and misguided attempts at flirting with a clinically lit meeting room and misguided attempts at impressing strangers and you’ve got a match! Everyone knows the cringe-worthy conversations that are sure to ruin a date, (‘you look exactly like my mother’ is a personal favourite), but knowing what not to say in an interview isn’t […]

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Questions to Ask at the Interview

Shot of businessmen interviewing a job applicant

Once the interview comes to a close, the employer will inevitably ask you those five dreaded words: “do you have any questions?” Whatever you do, don’t happily respond with “nope, I’m good”.  There’s nothing that says total disinterest more than having literally no questions prepared. This is your chance to show them that you’re enthusiastic about working for them and that you’ve actually researched […]

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