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How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome In The Workplace

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What is Impostor Syndrome? Impostor Syndrome is a general feeling of inadequacy or fear that you are going to get caught out as a ‘fraud’ at any time. An individual with Impostor Syndrome usually cannot recognise their own talents and achievements and thus feels a general sense of insecurity and fraudulence. Impostor Syndrome also exists in the workplace. The ‘Impostor’ may […]

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The 7 Highest Paying Jobs In The UK


Money talks. In these professions it seems that money talks the loudest! Last year the Office for National Statistics released it’s annual stats on UK salaries. Here are the 7 highest paying jobs in the UK:   1. Brokers Average Salary: £133,868 Entry Requirements: An in-depth knowledge of financial markets as well as strong mathematical and analytical abilities. Easy right?!   2. Chief […]

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How Your Appearance Affects Your Career


In a perfect world, the appearance of our face and colour of our skin would mean nothing to the average recruiter. In a perfect world, a candidate’s physical appearance would be considered irrelevant to their eligibility for any role, including front-of- house or client-facing positions. Alas; we don’t live in a perfect world. As Rice University professor of psychology Mikki […]

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