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Five Reasons Why Organisation is Key to Success in the Workplace

Some people are graced with naturally great organisation skills. Some people aren’t. Nevertheless, most people include organisation as a key skill on their CV. But how do organisational skills actually translate to the workplace? Success isn’t determined by organisation alone, but there are many good reasons why it can contribute significantly to a positive working environment. Clear desk, clear mind […]

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Fish4jobs’ Premier League Table of Season Ticket Affordability is back! Has your club gone up or down the rankings?

Fish4jobs has calculated how long it would take football fans to afford a season ticket at their local Premier League club for the 2017/18. The values were calculated based on the average hourly wage for that area. How does your club rank for affordability? Huddersfield Town is the new champion for season ticket affordability, knocking last year’s winner West Ham […]

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Four Questions You Should Ask at Every Interview

Most of our frantic pre-interview prep is dedicated to the big-ticket items, like making sure you can recite your last role’s responsibilities. But what we don’t tend to realise is that by the time we’re through that door, we’re through that door, and that’s when other considerations come into play. By that point, most potential employers would’ve familiarised themselves enough […]

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