Career Guides

  • How To Become A Marketing Manager

    What is a Marketing Manager? A Marketing Manager is the person responsible for the marketing of a service or product. Marketing Managers organise and execute the promotion of a product/service and oversee all marketing activities. A Marketing Manager is typically the lead of the Marketing Team and often has final say over decisions. Entry Requirements: Although there are no ...
  • How To Become An Accountant

    Accountants deal with the finances of a company. If this sounds like your dream job then learn how to start you Accountancy Career!
  • How To Become A Primary School Teacher

    Who is a primary school teacher? A primary school teacher is a person who teaches children of primary school age, between 5 and 11. This person is responsible for the education and social development of the children under their supervision. They have to deal with teaching, reporting, managing schedules and other administrative activities. Get qualified: To become a ...
  • How to Become a Lecturer

    Who is a lecturer? Lecturers are teachers who teach academic and vocational subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students. They work in universities and higher education colleges. They are called lecturers and not teachers because they give out lectures, seminars, tutorials and practical demonstrations to classes that tend to be bigger than an average classroom. Lecturers will teach ...
  • How to Become a Mechanical Engineer

    Want to know exactly how to become a Mechanical Engineer? Look no further.