7 Of The Most Wonderfully Bizarre Jobs Across The World

The good, the bad and the really, really ugly. These are perhaps some of the most bizarre jobs you could possibly find yourself in!


1. Tanning Butler

The Ritz-Carlton hotel in South Beach Miami employs a ‘Tanning Butler.’ The position was created in 2003 and the duties include walking around the hotel’s beach and pool area armed with various sun creams, oils and lotions. The Tanning Butler must ensure that all guests are well supplied with tanning products and even has the responsibility of applying the products to the clients. Weird, right? It gets weirder… Many of the hotel’s former Tanning Butlers have been scouted as models whilst cruising around the pool area!


2. Oshiya (Pusher)

The average Brit complains about their commute 9.6 times a week… Probably. (That’s what it feels like at least!) Well if you think your commute is rough, in Japan Oshiya (Pushers) are employed to literally push as many people onto a train carriage as possible. They wear little white gloves to keep commuter’s clothing clean whilst giving them a shove onto the carriage.


3. Duck Master

The Peabody hotel in Memphis is home to a wonderful fountain in the lobby. Twice everyday at 11am and 5pm, the fountain is graced by a paddling of ducks. The ducks live on the roof of the hotel and are brought down in the elevator twice a day, thus creating the position of ‘Duck Master.’ The duties of the Duck Master include safely bringing the ducks down in the elevator and back up twice a day as well as guiding them through the lobby into the fountain. It’s truly quackers!


4. Vomit Collector

Oh, come on… Someone has to do it! You can thank the Vomit Collector for cleaning up all the sick spewed at popular theme parks. Ever seen a child eating so much Candy Floss at Disney that they throw up? Call the Vomit Collector. Ever watched someone find a Thorpe Park ride perhaps a little too thrilling? Again, the Vomit Collector’s on it. Some might say it’s vomtastic.


5. Pet Food Taster

This job is sure to drive you barking mad! The role of a pet food taster is pretty self-explanatory… Their job is to taste pet food to ensure that the flavours, textures and taste are just right for your pampered pooch or pussy. Bon appetit! 


6. Watching Paint Dry

Is your job as boring as watching paint dry? Maybe. But is your job to actually watch paint dry? Possibly. Working for Dulex paint company with the official title of ‘Research Scientist,’ this job role involves studying paint under a microscope and seeing how well it dries. They have to look out for changes in colour, texture and the speed at which it dries. Apparently, it’s really fascinating. Apparently.


7. Furniture Tester

Imagine how great life would be if you could lie around on comfy furniture all day?! What if I told you that you can!? And get paid for it! The role of the furniture tester is to test furniture, (who would have guessed?), for comfort and then report back to the manufacturers. They have make sure the end product is the best it can be, meaning as comfy as possible! Where do we sign up?!



Feature Image: [instagram @peabodymemphis]


Annabel Usher, Editor